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the classes ended, walking in the corridor, you couldn't help but debate whether to take bokuto's words seriously or not. whether to go to him or not.

but in the end you found yourself halfway in the way of the volleyball court. why am i like this?

when you reached the court, they seemed to be still in practice. but as soon as you decided to leave the whistle blew and seemed like the session was over. you saw the boys making their way to the benches, exhausted, swear dripping down
their forehead.

you were confused whether to leave or to wait, but before you could come up with a decision bokuto called out your name.

"i was worried you wouldn't show up." he let out a little laugh as he continued drinking water from the bottle he was holding.

"how do you know my name?" you asked, confused.

"i have my ways." he winked.

"y/n - senpai, where is sakura?" akaashi came from behind.

so that's how.

"she's submitting her assignment to the teacher, it might take a while so i decided to leave early." you answered him.

"or you mean wait for me?" bokuto wiped his mouth and closed his water bottle. and all you could do was shake your head and sigh.

"i will be back in a moment." he walked back to his coach and discussed something while you waited for him.

"bye y/n senpai." akaashi grabbed his bag and made his way out as you waved back.

"let's go." bokuto hanged his back on his shoulders and motioned you to walk.

"where are we going?" you asked.

"i am dropping you home."

"sorry? i am perfectly capable of walking home alone." you sounded a little offended.

"woah woah baby girl, don't worry. i ain't questioning your capability here." he lets out a laugh.

"just- just let me do my thing. you can judge later." he completed his sentence.

he looked so into his words that you knew telling him otherwise wouldn't make a difference so you gave up as you sighed.

you both walked, silently as none of you knew the other enough to say something.

"isn't everything so beautiful?" bokuto inhales deeply.

"what do you mean?" you look at him but quickly looked away when he looks back with his big round eyes.

"everything. hmmm..." he stops for a while to think.

"the sun above you, how the sky is blanketed over you, the flowers we are passing by, the smell of fresh air and the sip of water you drink when you are so thirsty."

you look around awkwardly. you didn't know what to say. he was supposed to make you believe in love then why is he talking about nature?

"you see, love doesn't only exist for another person y/n." he continued.

"it exists everywhere. wherever you look around. you can find love in this fresh grass if you look at it deeply enough." he said, pointing at the park you both were passing by from.

you had no idea what to say. he isn't wrong is all you know. but you have stopped appreciating beauty in nature since you broke up with your ex, who made you believe that love isn't worth it.

"you sure know a lot about love." you spoke, awkwardly.

"i don't think i know a lot about it but i sure know that it's worth it." he lets out a laugh.

"then why aren't you in a relationship?" you asked.

"i believe in love, that doesn't mean i have to be with someone. can i not appreciate its existence without experiencing it?" he stops and looks at you, waiting for your answer.

you start to panic at his stare a little. "OF COURSE of course you ca- can." you managed to say out loud.

"plus girls don't really date volleyball players since they spend all their time playing volleyball and i am one of them." he awkwardly laughs as he puts his hand behind his head, a little embarrassed.

"ARE YOU KIDDING ME? if i were to be your girlfriend, i would be sitting on the bench, cheering for you on your every game, let it be a practice match or a real one."

"you would?" his eyes wide opened, sparkling in the sun, making it even the lighter shade than it already was.

"i ex boyfriend is a volleyball player too. i was his number one fan." you look away from him.

"and i would bring him energy drinks and cheer him up, and sometimes practice with him when he wanted to." you awkwardly laughed.

"so this is where the disbelief of love came from. can't believe anyone would leave such a gem." he shook his head and once again started to walk.

"this way." you led him to where you live. you wouldn't admit your heart skipped a beat when he called you a gem but you know it's all dumb and not worth it so you shook your head to get it off your mind.

"this is it." you stood in front of your house. it was the time of the farewell.

he nodded as he looked at the house you live in. "y/n, don't blame love for what you went through, it's so much greater than that, i will prove it to you."

"bye bye." he waved you as you sunk in his words.

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