A Note.

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I ran in the dark. Searching. Searching for a life I lost. Searching for a beginning but hoping for an end. I wandered aimlessly tracking and re-tracking painful memories and shattered dreams never accomplished. I rested when needed but was off before I could gain roots. Then my travels took me off to a new place, a place I wanted to call home but knew I couldn’t because it would only be a let down once again. Then I found Light. I found a savior. I found an anchor to keep me in the “sane zone”. One I could trust and (dare I say it) be happy with. 

I found you.

I put faith in you. I put my whole being in your hands. My whole shattered life and its cutting shards, sometimes making you bleed. And you took it. For that I thank you. For taking a broken product and replenishing it. For just being there to catch the tears that fall sharply against the dirt floor.

For that I love you.

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