Chapter 2 : Campus novel (1)

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"That damned transmigration system..." Gu Anran face was twisted as she laid on the bed. Her body felt sore all over...if this happened a few more times, her body would probably break in two.

Although she kept complaining, Gu Anran still stood up and looked around the room. There was a white bed with big stuffed dolls sitting on it and the gray blankets had fallen to the floor. Not far away was a neat little desk with rows upon rows of neatly arranged books on top. She then looked at the mirror across from her.

The mirror reflected back a face that still had some baby fat, but contained delicate features and a figure that stood around 160 cm (5'2) or so. Overall, this person could be regarded as a young beautiful girl, just waiting to be plucked.

"I really...transmigrated...what about Hong Qingyi?" As Gu Anran looked around again and confirmed that she was the only one here, there wasn't a shadow of the other person. However, her attention was suddenly attracted by something...

"OMG!! This laptop is the newest model! These game consoles too!" So exciting! In that moment, Gu Anran completely forgot about searching for her best friend and couldn't help but flip open the laptop. However, she paused when she saw the screen.

The truth is often cruel. When one becomes excited beyond belief, the heavens will always try to find a way to bring you back down to reality. That was how Gu Anran felt as she read the words "Please Enter a Password"displayed on the screen.

"System! System!" Gu Anran yelled, but no reply came.

Fu*k me, it already abandoned me! Hey, this is only the first transmigration and it's already like this?! Where's the producer, I want to complain!

Knock! Knock!

The door sounded a few times and a woman walked in. She looked a lot like the body Gu Anran was currently inhabiting except with a less childish face and seemed more mature, with a gentle bearing. It looks like she was this body's mother, however she maintained her body well and only looked like she was in her early thirties.

"Honey, did something happen? What was that noise just now?" Wang Qinghua looked at her mosst beloved only child with a gentle smile and asked.

"..Nothing...I just...I just tripped and fell, that's all." As an orphan, this was Gu Anran's first time experiencing someone being this tender with her. This type of affection made her uncomfortable, so she hesitantly squeezed out a smile and answered.

"Oh so that's what it was. Remember to be more careful next time. Ah, right, Qingyi came over to play, so you're mother won't bother you any longer." Wang Qinghua had seen through her daughter's obvious lies, but didn't pry any further. She understood that as a parent she should give her daughter some space and so she just nodded her head and let the girl behind her in. She then left, closing the door behind her.

Gu Anran stiffy looked at the young girl in front of her...this..what should she do? She couldn't just chase this girl out, wait...did that woman say Qingyi?

"Hong Qingyi?!" Gu Anran blurted out while pointing at the girl.

"And you are Gu Anran!" The other girl exclaimed with widened eyes.



"So...this is a nice place you transmigrated into." Hong Qingyi was the first to break the silence as she looked around the room.

"What's so good about it? Well, I guess other than the fact that the laptop can't be used, it's not half bad." As a serious shut in, the computer was basically Gu Anran's lifeline! To have a high-end laptop, but not be able to use it was the most heartbreaking feeling in the world!

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