Coles Point of View

*Before Lindsey Left Crying*

I sat at the Pizzeria waiting for Lindsey to come. To be Perfectly Honest i was freaking out on the inside. What if my friends came and ruined it. What if the Bitch came?! GAH so many what if's!!! I saw Lindsey walk into the pizzeria a smile on her face. She looked so pretty!! *Enter nose bleed here!* I smiled and waved her over, before she could take a step she got shoved to the floor and a blond was sitting next to me. I signed and turned to tell Amy off, before i could open my mouth Amy's Lips crashed into mine. I could feel the Slimiest of her lip stick on mine and Man i did not like it! I tried to shove her off but she wouldn't Budge. I saw Lindsey run out the Pizzeria tears running down her face. I pushed Amy away and Walked out of the pizzeria, my face in sadness.

Dammit Amy! The One Fucking time i was going to be happy with someone you Ruin it! Again! I grabbed some stones that were on the side of the wall, i walked down to the lake. I threw Stones into the water, taking my anger out.


i threw the rest of the stones at the same time, After throwing them i Broke down. I cried for awhile till someone Came over.

"Hey.. Are you okay?" the girl asked me.

They girl had Crystal Blue eyes, Waist length Amber Hair with a few streaks of Blond in it. She was wearing A black shirt with a blue Controller on the front. She was also wearing Blue jeans and Black Converse.

"Um... Not really. I'm Cole By the way." i told her after a few minutes.

"Oh well do you wanna talk about it? I'm Amber but you can call me Am!" Amber told me as she sat down. I smiled and started telling her everything.


Emile's Point of View


Jon pulled me closer to him, a smile on his face. I could feel a blush spread on my cheek as we moved inside the house. As soon as we got in, Jon smashed his lips against mine, pulling me closer to him. We stopped for air and we went over to the couch. I Dont know How But i was Bottom. We started Kissing again and in minutes it was a deep kiss, My neither region was very excited(Hahaha xD). I moved my hands through Jons Hair, a smile forming on his Lips. I started kissing his neck till i found his sweet spot. I bit his sweet spot till i heard his moans fill my ears. (I cant do anymore or else i will get very uncomfortable :$)

*******Time skips to where they are about to fall asleep.WITH clothes ON*******

"you know Emile.. I enjoyed that alot. and by the way you acted afterwards i'll say you did too." Jon whispered to me as a blush spread on my face,I could hear the smirk on his face. I mean yes it was very UN-Comfortable Down there but it felt nice.

Just thinking about it Made me move a little bit to make it more comfortable.

"*snickers* Someones getting Happy down there, i can feel it." Jon whispered to me, a blush spreading on my face more. We decided to switch it up and Jon was snuggled into my stomach. (Their on their sides BTW)

"Shut up." i whispered to him in embarresment.

"Nah. I love you Emile." Jon said tiredness showing in.

"I love you too.."


Bam Told you somethings would happen! i did what i said i would! More characters will appear later okay! Shout out to InfinityWolfeh for there character making appearance in the story!!

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