Russia X Reader (Seven Minutes in Hetalia Heaven)

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 Delanie Cook; as promised, here is your Russia X You fic, love. YOU BECOME ONE WITH MOTHER RUSSIA, DA?

Seven Minutes in Hetalia Heaven: Russia (Ivan Braginski) X You (Reader). 

The room was silent as you stepped forward and reached into the hat. Your fingers closed around a cool, metal trinket. You pulled it out and opened your eyes, inspecting it. It was a small sunflower charm. Your brows creased together in a mix of fear and confusion. 

"It's a little sunflower." You said, holding it aloft for the other countries to see.

Russia smiled happily (read: creepily) and said quietly, "That is mine, [Name]." His voice was light and childish, but the manner in which he said it immediately captured everyone's attention.

Your [e/c] eyes widened in the slight the fear that came with Russia even being mentioned, and you hesitantly handed the charm to him as he approached you. "H-Hi, Ivan." You greeted weakly, following him towards the closet. 

"Seven minutes, dudes." America called, hugging the hat close to his chest as he sent you a concerned glance.

Leaning in close to you, he whispered, "If it gets too scary, just scream and we'll rescue you, okay?" 

Russia's violet eyes sparked slightly, and his fist landed on the door firmly. "That will not be necessary." He growled lightly, closing the door as America shrunk away in fright.

The darkness enveloped you and the larger nation, and you couldn't help but begin to tremble. It wasn't your fault, honestly. Russia was just...a frightening person. You hugged yourself tightly and backed into the wall as he turned to face you, his eyes alight with some unidentified emotion.

"How are you, [Name]?" He asked after a pregnant pause, politely trying to start a conversation.

You shrugged one shoulder, appreciating the effort. "I'm good, I guess. And you?" 

"I have many problems as being Russia." He replied quietly, voice layered with a peculiar mixture of sadness and irritation.

"Do you wanna' talk about it?" You asked shyly, relaxing a little bit.

"Not really. My problems are not of your concern." He responded calmly, staring right into your eyes.

Shivering, you said, "O-Okay..."

After another pause, Russia finally spoke again. "Вы очень красивая." 

You nibbled on your bottom lip and glanced at him awkwardly. "I don't speak Russian." You said weakly, folding in on yourself in an attempt to escape him.

But to no avail, as he reached out and brushed your [h/c] hair away from your face. "You are very beautiful." 

In spite of your discomfort with the entire situation, you felt a bluch blooming up over your cheeks. "O-Oh. Thank you. You're very handsome, too..." 

Russia smiled, and for once, you didn't find his smile frightening. You smiled back and relaxed completly, feeling safe in his presence. "Would you like to become one?" He asked brightly, beaming at you.

Your eyes widened. "Um...w-what does that entail?"

"Here! I will show you!" Before you could object, Russia swiftly untied his scarf, pulled you close and placed the warm scarf around your neck as well, so you were tied together.

You stared up at him as he smiled down at you. "We are one now." He said happily, wrapping his arms around your waist and holding you against his warm chest.

You giggled and snuggled up to him, burying your face in his chest. "Okay! Thanks, Ivan." 

He nodded and pressed a slow, chaste kiss to the top of your hair. "You are very welcome, [Name]." 

The sweet moment was interrupted when the door flew open and America shouted, "Time's up, broskis!" 

Russia snarled softly and began to emenate a purple haze, clacking his teeth together to make a "kolkolkolkol~" noise. You gently touched his face, eyes full of concern. "Hey, stop that. We can still cuddle if you want."

He relaxed and led you out of the closet, pushing America to the side. Once you were out in the open, he swept you up bridal style and carried you over to the couch. You smiled as he sat, placing you carefully on your lap. Snuggling into his scarf-clad neck, you kissed the skin of his neck and closed your eyes happily. 

You like? 

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