VI: The Met Gala

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May 2019

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May 2019

There was something extraordinary about May in New York City. Springtime was floating through the air, finally melting away the winter cold and bringing the constant scent of sweet blooms mixed with fresh rain. The fact that new life was sprouting up everywhere made each day feel exciting and refreshing. And as for the fashion industry, the city was filled with a heightened buzz of exhilaration for a whole different reason.

The first Monday in May brought people from all over the world together for a night of exquisite and bold fashion. The Metropolitan Museum of Art's annual fundraiser for their Costume Institute, lovingly known as The Met Gala, may as well have been a worldwide holiday.

It was the first year that Franki and Emi had the pleasure of being invited and they were beyond honored to be included on the guest list.

"Are you excited for tomorrow?" Gino pulled his napkin across his mouth and dropped it back in his lap, quirking his eyebrow as he looked at his youngest daughter across the table taking a sip of wine.

It was the evening before the big day when Franki arrived in New York City. Her plane had touched down earlier that morning, just in time to cross paths with her father who was traveling back home to London. The lucky timing made it so she was able to meet him for an early dinner at Carbone, their family's favorite Italian restaurant in the city.

Franki took a moment after swallowing her sip to mull over her answer while the ever present current of nerves swayed in her belly.

"Excited. Anxious. Nervous. Could throw up at any minute," she huffed a laugh while setting down her wine glass.

Gino let out a deep chuckle, picking up his fork and pushing the small amount of food left on his plate together. "Honey, you'll be amazing, you have nothing to worry about."

Releasing a weighted breath, she sighed, knowing her father had a track record of always being right.

"Thanks, Pop. You sure you don't wanna join the party at the last minute?" Franki nudged her empty plate forward before her teasing eyes lifted to meet her father's across the table. "Swoop in at the last moment and steal the show in typical Gino Leto fashion?"

He was wearing a pleased smirk when he lowered his fork after swallowing a bite. "I've been to my fair share of Met Galas in my years. It's yours and your sister's time to shine now."

She smiled at his sentiment, neatly folding her napkin and placing it next to her empty plate before quickly glancing at her phone. "Well, I have a final fitting with Naeem I need to get to. My Uber should be here any second."

Pulling her jacket from the back of her chair as she stood, she slid her arms inside while rounding the table. "Thank you for dinner," she placed a kiss on Gino's cheek. "Love you, Pop."

"Love you, honey, have fun," he wished her well as she walked toward the exit.

A cool breeze and misty raindrops hit Franki's face when she stepped out of the restaurant. With a shiver running down her spine, she pulled her jacket tighter around her body as she felt her phone buzz in her hand telling her that her Uber had arrived.

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