Alone and Curious

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Inside the bathroom attached to Quinn's bedroom is quite the sight. If you were to look in you'd see a seventeen-year-old sitting on the countertop in sweatpants with the shower running investigating some new possessions. As the water warmed up, Quinn choose the instruction manual for a new toy? He thinks that's what it's called. The curious virgin has been wanting to know what it's like to have something in him. He had gone online and chatted with a customer service person online and she put a little box together for him. There's a blue PP that looks like it would never in a million fit inside him. There's a thing called a buttplug, and a prostate massager, lube and another buttplug that's bigger around the middle and bottom that the other and the handle part is flat and the box says it's comfortable to sit on. Why would I need to sit on it? He thought to himself. 

Quinn took the PP and went and got the suction cup wet and stuck it to the side of the bathtub. His tub is deep and he's short so he can pull off doggy style pretty well. Quinn did what websites told him to do to prep himself and he likes the feeling of something in him but with his lack of flexibility, he can never manage to get more than two fingers in. He used a fair amount of coconut oil on himself and hoped that the water wouldn't wash what's there away. He wiped his hands off on the silicone PP and went back to his original position. 

"Okay, then I just ease it into me," he whispered to himself. He scooted back until he felt the now wet tip of the toy poke his butt cheek. He reached around with his right hand and moved the tip of the PP to touch his hole and his dick started to ache from being hard for so long. Quinn took a breath and gently pushed back onto the toy. He bit his lip as he felt himself opening slowly for the foreign object. He let out a little breath and put a little more force into his push and gasped when the head of the dildo popped inside him. His breathing started to get a little heavier and with a determined nod to himself, he pushed back a little further and stopped. Why does it feel like it's getting bigger?? Quinn was coming to enjoy the feeling and pushed back until his butt touched the cold ceramic bathtub. At this point, Quinn felt like he was stretched open so wide that if the toy was clear you could look at his intestines. He gave his hips a hesitant wiggle and deflated at the feeling. He didn't know if the strange feeling of being full was enjoyable or still strange. He then remembered watching a video of someone using one and they pulled themselves off of it and pushed back on it and that's what he tried. Slowly starting to fuck himself on the fake dick had Quinn thinking about a particular someone doing this to him. Not with the fake one though. Quinn's crush has done everything and anything to make Quinn a blushy mess. Especially in the change room after gym. 

In his head, Quinn thought about one time in particular that Quinn was talking all big and tough with his friends and his crush had taken him around the corner into the shower area and pinned his front against the wall and said that when he won Quinn over that was one of the many positions he was going to take him in. As Quinn sped up, now enjoying the feeling of being so full, he readjusted his knees because they were starting to hurt and he hit a spot in him that made him moan. It caught him off guard so it was a half gasp, half moan. He covered his mouth and tried to hit that spot again. His member started to ache and he felt like it was going to explode. The person in the video he watched had put his hand around his dick and rubbed it and quiet, shaky moans fell out of his slightly parted lips. The amount of pleasure was making it hard to continue with what he was doing but he didn't want to stop. It feels so good. The noise of it moving inside of him, the feeling of it moving inside of him, the feeling of stimulation from the front and back was all so overwhelming. 

Quinn came in his hand with a moan coming through his clenched teeth. He stilled and sat in his spot for a minute. Basking in the feeling that came after and feeling his butthole twitch around the plastic penis. He moved his body in a weak attempt to get it out of him, but the sensitive baby twitched a little and fought with his body to get it out of him. He's already been in the shower for a suspiciously long time and doesn't need anyone to come knocking at the door. He managed to get the dildo out of his hole and sat there with his ass in the air with his asshole fluttering. A stream of water hit his butthole and he gasped at the feeling of water going in where it wasn't supposed to. After cleaning up with shaky hands, he got out of the shower and went to relax in bed. 

He couldn't fully relax though. He was busy thinking about what the other toys felt like. 

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