Chapter One

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PLEASE READ: I wrote this story when I was younger. It's full of mistakes and has a rushed plot line. I'm not fond of it now. Honestly, I'd love to delete it, but there are people still reading it and keep sending me new messages about it, so I feel like I'd be rude to delete it. However, I'd really prefer if you didn't read it. Thanks! (: 

Hi, guys. Here's my newest story, it's a little different than what I've written in a while, but I like the story line. I HAVE FINISHED THE ENTIRE BOOK, so it means I will upload depending on votes. I'd like to get five votes before I upload the next chapter, but if I get more, I'll upload the next two chapters, DEAL?



Chapter One

          I've found out many of life's lessons the hard way. The hard way isn't the best way, of course, but it's just how my life decided to go.

          "Ready to go, Ellie?" My mom asked.

          "Yeah," I say and pick up my bags. I was going to stay with the Carters next door for a year. The catch? They have all boys. All five of their children are boys. Great, right? (Insert sarcasm here.)

          "Bye, Mom," I kiss her goodbye, and walk across the street. I knock on the door.

          "Oh, hey," Derek, the boy my age greets the door, shirtless. His six pack muscles glisten in the sun, and I try not to stare. His jeans are riding low, and I can see his well-defined hip muscles.

          "Hi," I say quietly, Derek and I never got along that well. He was a player, and I was the girl next door, who he grew up with, and couldn't get into bed with him. I walked in, and put my stuff in the guest room.

          "Hi, darling!" Claire, their mother greeted me.

          "Hi, Claire," I smile.

          "Make yourself at home, as far as I'm concerned, it's your house too," she says, walking into the kitchen.

          "Ellie-bear!" Kyle runs and hugs me. Kyle and I got along well.

          In all, there was Brian (24), Kyle (20), Derek (17), and twins, Clay and Cayleb (15). I grew up with them, and they're all pretty much brothers to me. The bad part? They're all muscular (six packs, maybe eight), and really sexy.

          "How's my favorite sister?" Brian asked, messing up my hair.

          "Good, big brother," I roll my eyes.

          "We were just going swimming, so if you'd like to...," Clay shrugs.

          "Sure, let me get changed," I say, and walk to my new room. I unpack a little, because I had to take it all out to get my swim suit anyway. I put on the white and hot-pink Aeropostale one, and start tying up my hair. There.

          "Oh shit, sorry!" Derek starts to open the door, and shuts it quickly.

          "It's fine, I'm in my swim suit," I say, as I walk out.

          "I'm just not used to having a girl around," he shrugs, and tosses me a towel. I go out into the back yard, and jump in. Everyone stares at me.

          "What?" I ask, confused.

          "You got in the water!" they smile.

          "Yeah...?" I'm definitely confused.

          "I have never seen a girl get in the pool before, usually they sit over there act like it's over rated," Cayleb shrugs.

          "I'm not plastic. It's a pool, you're supposed to SWIM in it," I roll my eyes.

          "Well good, cause I don't think I could live with a plastic girl," Clay smiles.

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