Chapter: 10

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Being up before dawn can become quite boring. I usually go on runs and then meditate to the sunrise. Then I sit around my room waiting for everyone to get up so that we can eat breakfast. I spend the better part of the day doing absolutely nothing. I've gotten very good at using my mind to entertain myself. I often will catch myself daydreaming about what I'd like to do in the evening or about an upcoming date I have. I will play different scenarios in my head, some plausible, most are absolutely absurd.

Today my mind keeps going through the plane ride. I think about who I'll sit by and how I'll make small talk. I think about what I'd do if the plane crashed and who I'd sacrifice first. I really hope no babies are on my plane because I don't think I'll have the patience for crying. Getting bored I turn on the tv and flip through the channels hoping something interesting will be on. I try watching a recorded Twilight but even Edward can't keep me entertained for long. 

I close my eyes and move my hand around and pick the book that it lands on. Today's read is none other than Little Women! I've read this book over ten times. It's an oldy but a goody and it always calms my nerves. I devour the pages for hours. I would've finished had I not been summoned for breakfast.

Sitting at the table I notice my mom isn't here and my dad is staring icily at his food. Once Jeremy drags his hungover ass to the table we all dig in. I watch as my dad stabs and pokes at his food with such force and anger I feel slightly concerned for the unfortunate omelet. Jeremy scarfs his omelet down in less than five bites. Rolling my eyes I continue cutting mine into neat pieces before chewing them slowly. 

Before I've even gotten halfway done both my father and brother leave the table abruptly and angrily. We usually wait till everyone is done eating before excusing ourselves but today feels a little off. Both me and Jeremy are leaving for the airport in the evening but everyone's mood is strange. My dad is acting like someone personally attacked him at breakfast and my brother is just too hungover to be functioning this early in the morning.

Shrugging off the odd morning I trot back to my room set on swimming. I feel like it's very necessary that I go to the beach again since my adventure last night. I probably won't surf but that doesn't mean Clara and I can't get nice and tanned. I mean, it kind of does. We both burn, we can't tan, but that won't stop us. I hurry and put my cover up over my neon bikini and head outside. Before I leave to pick Clara up I make sure a bottle of sunscreen is in the car. I speed off blasting the music I played last night completely running into a nearby trashcan.

Clara and I both sweep our cover ups off and grab our tote of beach supplies and trudge through the sand to find a spot to spend the afternoon. After a bit of trouble opening the umbrella, we have a good amount of shade to lounge around. We made a pact to not talk about me leaving the whole time because we didn't want to cry. Instead, we talked about all the gorgeous men running past us.

There's a game of volleyball going on to our right and that occupies most of our time. We take turns commentating on the game which is us just being silly. Both of us know nothing about volleyball or any sports for that matter. We both stick to the performing arts and try to stay away from our weaknesses.

We do have to throw the ball back to them a couple of times which earns us a few cheers from the group of boys. They look to be about our age maybe a little older. I see one of the guys trying to look at me but not wanting me to notice. I decided to give him a little show.

 "I'm going to go for a quick dip," I tell Clara while I stand up sliding my sunglasses off. I walk to the edge of the wave and let the water rush the sand out from under my feet. I bend down to pick up a seashell and turn around to see if he's still watching. When I confirm he still is I flip my hair down in order to pull it into a bun. As I stroll back to my spot I watch his eyes follow me the whole way even when his friends throw the ball at his shoulder.

"Was that really necessary?" Clara snaps. "What do you mean?" I reply trying to act innocent. "Flaunting yourself in front of that poor boy, he doesn't know you do that to everyone." I laugh as I lay on my stomach, "He probably needed a girl to show him a little skin, it never hurts anyone." "Except for the girls deranged serial killers murder." I give her an annoyed look, "Those don't match up at all." She shrugs her shoulders and continues reading her book.

As the sun continues to beat down we both reapply our sunscreen to make sure we stay sunburn free. "Is it bad that I always hate people who tan?" I squirt more sunscreen into my hand and rub it all over her pale back. "Nope, as long as you don't tell them then it's fine." Clara nods solemnly and hums as I rub in the protection. "I think that people who don't burn should freeze in winter, like a reverse." I laugh, "Is this what you think about in your free time?" She sniffs, "Maybe." I flip onto my stomach so that she can rub sunscreen on my back. "You're looking a little pink." She notes as she slathers me in the white oil. "That might be a sign we should leave." She sighs for so long I worry she might lose consciousness. "Sorry that I don't want to burn to a crisp." "Can we at least go eat lunch?" I nod my head and she hurriedly starts folding towels.

We sit down at a seafood restaurant on a nearby pier. We order some water and then continue chatting. "Apparently Charles's dad is going to rehab because what happened the other day was the last straw." "That probably sucks. If it wasn't Charlee's I'd be more sympathetic but he could get run over a bus and I wouldn't blink." She nods in agreement. "I think you're allowed to feel that way about him, he kind of sucks." I smile, "Understatement of the year." Our waitress comes back and hands us our sweating glasses of water and asks if we're ready to order. We end up sharing a thing of fish and chips.

Clara's eyes get really big, "I just remember, I saw your mom outside the courthouse today, do you know if something happened today." My mind starts to panic as I think of every worse case scenario. "No, but everyone was weird this morning." "Your parents aren't getting divorced, right?" "They can't, that's the only thing I know will be around forever. Haven't they told you the story?" Clara's eyes go back to normal as she calms down.

 "Of course, they tell it every year on their anniversary. It's adorable, he bought her a pack of hair ties because she didn't have enough money and she cried because no one was that nice. Then they started dating on and off for a little until he popped the question on a hot air balloon." She's clapping her hands together as she tells me my parent's love story. "Yep, good job." She glares at me, "You're lucky your fun otherwise I would've dumped you awhile ago." She says blowing her straw wrapper into my face. I flip her the bird and we both attack our meals.

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