Preference #3 He Cheats On You

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(Because this will take place in America Harry will have a made up ex girlfriend bevause Caroline is not going to randonly show up in America. And her name will be utterly uncommon so she doesn’t happen to have the same name as one of you :]) Your boyfriend Harry had been on tour for 5 months now, the whole time you had been stuck home because of your school work. His birthday was rounding the corner and you had finally decided on Harry’s birthday present, you! After arranging it with management the boys helped you plan out your flight, having you fly out in time for their concert in New York. As the day rolled around you were ecstatic, you woke up early to go through your mental check list of things and even took time to curl your overly long hair. But your excitement faded when you got to the airport. Your flight ended up being delayed by a good 6 hours, meaning you would miss the concert. You call up Louis and explain the situtation, and he promises you can just surprise Harry in his room tonight. So you waited out the delay, and end up arriving in the city around 11 o’clock. ‘Lou, I’m here.’ You text him, and he meets you in the lobby. “Hey buddy.” You say, hugging Louis quickly. He pulls a key card from his back pocket and hands it to you. “He’s in room 8299, 9th floor. Good luck kiddo.” He playfully ruffles your hair and you swat him away, thanking him and heading toward the elevator. When the elevator opened up you sneered at the couple making out in the corner of it. Really, they couldn’t wait to get to the hotel room? You did your best to ignore them, pulling your phone out and sending Harry the usually goodnight text. The boy’s phone next to you buzzed, and the girl he had pressed up against the wall whined in annoyance. “Ignore it, Boo.” She says with a fake pout in her voice. “It’s (Y/N).” He sighs when he checks it. Your head snaps up from your phone, really looking at the boy for the first time. And simply looking at those curls you knew it was him. “Ew.” She whines again, pulling his face to hers. At that point you were fuming, fists clenching and un-clenching as hot tears threatened to spill over. You wanted to kill that unfaithful bastard. “Screw her!” The petite red head squeals. “Nah he’ll be too busy fucking you instead.” You snap just as the door opens. Pissed, you stab the one on the elevator buttons. You get the satisfaction of watching his muscles tense, all his movement stopping as that oh too familiar red head glared at you. Blaire Marks, his ex girlfriend. “W-what are you- I mean why-” he stutters with wide eyes as he turns around to face you. “Nice to see you again sweetie.” You say dryly as the elevator reaches the bottom floor again. You don’t hesitate to storm away, fists clenched so tight your nails had to be drawing blood from your palms. “Who the hell is that?” You hear Blaire whine once again. “His ex girlfriend!” You holler back at her as you pass the boys waiting for their pizza to arrive. “Watch this for me will you babe?” You drop your suitcase off by Zayn and continue marching straight out of the hotel, not even missing a beat. “(Y/N), just hold on!” He screams after you. “I trusted you.” You say as you spin around to face him. “And you go and cheat on me, and with your ex at that!” You end up getting closer and closer in his face with each word. “I didn’t mean to babe. It was an accident.” He pleads with you. “Oh, so you just tripped and happened to shove your tongue down her throat?!” Your voice has been steadily rising and you were on the verge of yelling. You felt your heart break in the silence that followed, and a few tears managed to escape which you hastily wiped away. “Well, good luck in life Harry. Hope she was worth it.” You shove him out of the way as you go wandering down the streets of New York. You had no idea where you were going besides away, as far away as possible. You had been walking for a good amount of time when you felt the first raindrop hit your face, followed by a ton more. You slip into a diner as the lightning starts, getting a table for just yourself. When you were sat down with a hot cup of coffee you fished your phone out of your coat pocket. ’ I guess they were right when they said you don’t die from a broken heart, but I sure as hell wish I had.’ You tweet, having a feeling he would see it. You stay staring at your un-touched coffee and fanning at your eyes until another body slides in across from you. You look up into Liam’s eyes, and he reaches over to wipe away even more tears. “Come on, (Y/N), you can stay with me.” He whispers goading you out of your place and leaving a generous amount of money on the table. “You know,” Liam starts when you get in the car, “If it happens to make you feel any better Zayn slapped him after he came back.” You smiled slightly, wanting to laugh but not having the heart to. Liam sighs to himself before taking your frozen hand in his. “It’s gonna be fine.” He whispers before peeling out of the diner’s parking lot.

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