9// Derek & Tori

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Rushing through the house, as soon as I checked my personal phone this morning for the first time since last night, there was serval missed calls, voicemails, and messages from Deacon. Saying that Daisy was sick, that she had a fever.

Then when I tried to ring him back, he wasn't answering, Jack just told me to go home and be with my daughter.

At times like this that I hate my job, knowing that she's ill and I'm not there with her, but I also try and tell myself that I'm trying to make our home a safe place for her to grow up in.

Running through the door, throwing my stuff down in the hallway. Searching around for Deacon, just as they land on him walking out of the kitchen, coffee in his hand, rubbing the sleep from his eye.

"Where's Daisy....how is she? Is she still feverish...." I rush serval questions at my brother, Deacon's half-asleep gaze shoot at me.

"Chill bro, she's fine. Tori has checked her over, gave her some medicine to bring her fever down, she's sleeping right now"

letting out a deep breath now that I know that my daughter is okay, that it's nothing more than a common illness that kids get.

"Wait. Did you just say, Tori.....As in our neighbor Tori?" I asked as I take in the words, he just said out loud.

"Yeah, that one.... she really was a big help last night. I was freaking out until she stepped in" He explained just as another wave of guilt hits me because I should have been here for my daughter.

I know that I have to work, I'm grateful for everything Deacon does for us. And normally my workload isn't like this, so I'm around at night.

But when a case like the one Jack and I are currently investigating, takes a hold of you and the case sometimes has to come first, even when I hate that it does.

Snapping out of my thoughts and moved my eyes back up to my brother,

"I'll be sure to thank her later...I'm going to see Daisy" I mumbled, just as he smirks a little but doesn't say anything, shaking my head and began walking towards her nursery...I swear sometimes my little brother is weird.

Reaching the nursey doorway only to stop right in my tracks, as my eyes first land on Daisy standing up in her crib, her smile reaching her rosy cheeks as she sees me.

Feeling a smile on my own lips as I look at my daughter, taking a few steps into the room, just as my eyes catch a slight movement over the other side of the room.

Moving my eyes from Daisy towards the movement, just as I see Tori wrapped up in a blanket on the fabric rocking chair.

Standing where I am for a second, just looking at her. Did she stay here or night? Has she been here for Daisy all night, to make sure she was okay?

Hearing footsteps coming into the room, picking up Daisy and then turned around to face Deacon,

"Has she been here all night?" I ask him, Daisy snuggles in closer to my chest.

"Yep, I heard her snoring through the baby monitor" He replies with a chuckle.

"I don't snore.... asshole" We heard a soft voice from behind us say, we both turn to look to see Tori stretching her arms out while fighting back a yawn. That chair may look comfy, but it really isn't.

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