Chapter: 9

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Looking up at the stars makes me feel very vulnerable. It's like all these blobs of fire are so much bigger and more important that it makes me feel so small and insignificant. The world has such bigger problems and plans that don't concern me, so why do I feel like my world is slowly falling apart.

I never smoke or drink, this was my first time and I have a surprisingly high tolerance for booze. I drank two full bottle all by myself and I still don't feel sick. I can't really see or move so maybe that's not good but I don't need to be downstairs until the morning. I'm content to continue staring and not moving, or thinking.

Unfortunately my peace is interrupted by a loud pounding. I sit up to find the culprit, turns out it was my head forming a headache. I lie back down in pain as my senses start coming back. The nice warm fuzzy feeling was wearing off and in it's place a uncomfortable pounding in my head and any movement made feel on the verge of vomiting. 

"Need some help?" A concerned voice asks. I lift my head up and see none other than Liam Pearson holding a steaming cup of coffee. I groan in response as I sit up. He sits next to me handing me the drink and some aspirin. I gratefully pop the pills into my mouth and wash it down with the bitter drink. "God, why is it so yucky?" He laughs at my question, "Sorry, I prefer mine black, I guess other's don't share my taste." "Are your taste buds boring?" He laughs as I wipe my tongue on my sleeve. "I didn't know you drink." "I don't but today was especially shitty." He nods his head like he understands.

"I've never liked Charles, even as a kid he sucked. He was always creepy." Liam shudders "Why did you hang out with him then?" "Jeremy liked him so I figured he couldn't be that bad." I nod my head which makes my stomach flip flop. I cover my mouth trying to keep my self from heaving. He puts one arm around my shoulders and the other on my arm so he's holding me. He shushes me and slowly lays my head in his lap as he rubs my leg. It was surprisingly calming and made my head stop spinning. We sat like that for a bit, me staring at a street lamp watching it flicker on and off as it starts to die. I eventually was able to sit up, but I sat so my knees were touching his knees which made it so I could look at him. 

He was clenching his jaw, "are you nervous?" I ask. His beautiful eyes look at me and his mouth relaxes as his lips smile. "No, I was just thinking." "About what?" I probe wanting to know anything and everything. "What kind of noodle I am." Not expecting that answer I burst out laughing. "Oh my god, what does that mean." He shrugs, "I don't like am I elbow, penne, or tortellini?" My abs start to hurt from how hard I'm laughing. Every time I try to stop the snorts and giggles keep escaping. "I think I'm the little bow tie ones." "Why is that the one you decided on." I ask finally catching my breath. "Because they're cute, I'm cute, it just makes sense." I smile, "I like that answer." He turns his head to the side smiling shyly. "I usually keep those thoughts to myself, they seem a little juvenile." My heart clenched as he said that, glad he trusts me to keep his thoughts safe.

He looks up at me through his lashes, "You wanna do something fun?" I nod my head excited for any adventure with him. He takes my hand and we both shimmy down the drain pipe. We push his car out of the driveway and then get in driving away into the darkness of the night. Liam hands me his phone, "The password is 4, 6, 7, 9, turn on some music." I open the music app and scroll through his playlists. "You realize you have garbage taste right." He puts his hand on his heart, "That was rude and uncalled for, I hope you realize I hold your life in my hands." I roll my eyes, "I do but I figure you would want pointers on your music." "Play me your favorite song then." I search for First Day of My Life, by Bright Eyes. I look out the window as we pass speed limit signs and lamp posts. I start humming along and eventually I start singing the harmony. When it ends I look over to see his usually clenched jaw completely relaxed. "I have to admit, my music is garbage compared to that." I smile as I play him some more of my favorite songs. 

After I play a whole album we arrive at the beach. "This is an adventure?" His eyes go wide, "Um, yes. Have you ever been surfing at 2 am." I shake my head no, "Then it's an adventure." I he says throwing me a swimsuit. "Why do you have a girls swimsuit in your trunk. "It's my exes, she left in there. I look at the tiny piece of material, slightly concerned it won't fit. "Stop looking, perv. He rolls his eyes and turns around. I slip out of my dress and underwear and pull the swimsuit up my legs. "We might have a problem." I warn as Liam turns to looks at me. His eyes go wide, "I see no problem," I roll my eyes aware that the neck line is plunging and the bottom is very high cut. "Did your girlfriend have no body?" "Ex, and she does but she likes to show off." "I can tell," I mutter pulling the top up.

He hands me a surfboard and we trudge over to the ocean. The waves look menacing at night. It looks like a dark angry bottomless place, that could swallow you whole. "Is this safe?" Liam runs out into the ominous water, "Probably not!" He shouts. Sighing I run after him into the freezing water. Paddling farther out we see some waves crashing down. "Jesus, this could kill us." I shout in awe of the angry waves. "Hopefully it doesn't come to that," He turns around getting ready for the wave. I follow suit and we both paddle and crouch as we come in contact with the waves. On top of the water the wind whoops my hair around and the water spirts into my eyes. I start wobbling and stick my arms out to balance only to fall off. The wave throws me back and pushes me to the sand. Water rushes over my face keeping me suctioned to the ground. Eventually a pair of hands pull me out and carry me to the beach.

After coughing up half the ocean I start laughing. "I cannot believe that I just surfed at 2 am and then almost died all in the same day." "You do tend to fall a lot." I push his shoulder and he smiles, "It was your idea you dumbass." He sticks his lip out, "At least I'm pretty." "Oh my god, you must be 10." I stand up now shivering. I find a random towel and wrap it around my body sitting back down.

 "I could make a fire." He says gesturing at the pieces of draft wood. I nod my head okaying his idea. We both gather the wood and pile it up. "Do you have a match?" He gets up and runs to his car and comes back holding some paper and a box of matches. "Are you always this prepared?" I ask amused with him. "I like being spontaneous." He flashes me a goofy smile. He strikes a match a couple times and finally a spark appears. The fire roars to life commanding our attention. We sit staring at the flame warming our chilled bodies. In movies most people would have heart to hearts then make out, we are sadly not in a movie and so instead he drove me home and that was the end of our adventure.

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