A Start

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This is a new Twi FanFic I'm debating on writing. It's very different from CTF. No vampires and not much from the original story line. They're all human and it's set in an Alternate Universe. Stephanie Meyer owns it all, except the idea.

Summary: Bella Swan, the air hostess to a private jet on rent for 6 months to a stranger. Edward Cullen, CEO of Cullen Industries, going by the name Masen. When Edward disappears from the world, can Bella convince 'Masen' to bring him back? Or is there something more? A short story about love, pain and living life to its fullest. AU and AH.


I slipped in to my jeans making sure everything was packed properly. A six month trip, the longest I had ever been called for. I guess the company was now comfortable sending me on longer trips, especially since I had no family to stay back for. I worked for the Volturi Private Airlines, a company renting private planes for an amount of specified time, complete with the pilot, luxuries and the air hostess, me.

I picked up my duffel carrying my personal items and dragged the suitcase down to the front door. Alice Brandon, my best friend of 17 years, stood with a sad smile there.

"I am going to miss you, Bella," she said. "It will be empty without you."

I smiled at her and gathered her into a hug. "I am going to miss you too, Alice. But at least now you can go and stay with Jasper as practice." I said, grinning. Alice had been recently engaged to her high school sweetheart. Like Yin and Yang, they balanced each other out. Alice, with her short, black, pixie hair, hyperactiveness and love for shopping was perfect for Jasper Hale, honey blonde and the epitome of calm and collected.

"Promise to be back for my wedding?" she asked, hauling my suitcase with surprising strength to the car waiting outside.

"I promised a thousand, actually I promised, now a thousand and one times, Alice." I said grinning at the face smiling through the window of the car. Jasper got out to help and shoved the suitcase into his large trunk. "I still don't get why you have only one suitcase, Bella." Alice grumbled.

"I will be in my uniform while flying and I will be in a new place almost every week. I don't think people are going to see if I repeat an outfit, Alice." I said, giggling. Then, turning to Jasper, I hugged him. "Jasper! Where are Rose and Em?"

He smiled and said they were coming to the airport directly. We got into the car and drove to the airport. Rose and Em were waiting by Rose's red BMW, a recent gift from Em. My brother Emmet stood staring at the ground as Rose came over and hugged me. I smiled into her blonde hair, hugging her with one arm and grabbing Emmet's hand. She smiled, letting me go and went to Jasper, her twin brother and gave him and Alice a hug too.please


He looked up with a small dimpled smile. "I'm going to be free for you for a whole six months." he said grinning.

I gasped and smacked his arm. He laughed and picked me up into a bear hug. "I'm gonna miss you, Belly-Boo."

"I'll miss you too, Em" I said wrapping my arms around his neck.

"Thanks guys." I smiled at them and waved, grabbing my bags and heading to security. They had laid down some rules for me this time, but some of them had made me laugh. No sex with strangers, please. No going to random bars or beaches without Jacob? I'm 29 for God's sake. No drinking from fancy Roman fountains? That one was Em's idea.

The jet was waiting on the tarmac, the gleaming sky-blue detailing stared back and I could see Jacob personally taking care of all the details. "Hey, Bells!" He shouted, his white teeth glinting in the sunlight. "Hey, Captain." I said grinning. Jacob and I had flown several flights together and each time he had tried to get me out on a date with some one, but it never worked. He had a fiance Vanessa who was in the business too.

We did a routine check of all facilities and and the rooms provided for long flights. None of the flights would be longer then 12 hours and if Jake needed to rest, Seth was his co-pilot. But he was never here on time.

I had only flown with Seth thrice and he had the sweetest personality I had even known. He reminded me of a faithful dog and he was exceptional when it came to handling the aeroplane, but the trouble was he was too young to pilot on his own. Fresh out of academy, Aro Volturi had grabbed him with wonderous promises no other arilines could think of offering.

Two hours later, we were in our uniforms with a car pulling up in front of the jet. The sleek car rolled to a stop in front of us and the driver got out, opening the door to the side opposite to us.

A man got out, his lithe frame in a grey suit. His copper locks curled down the the sunglasses covering his eyes. He walked over to us and held out a hand, the other pulling his sunglasses off. The first thing I noticed was the colour. The piercing green read me like a book.

The next was the voice, the velvet voice which accompanied the green eyes and the hand help out.

"Masen, your employer for six months, pleased to meet you."

It's short, Tell me if there are any mistakes!



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