(Daddy) The Reception

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The wedding reception is at Angel#Manifestation, right across the street from the Battle Arena. Daddy and Jorgan_t are sitting alone at a table up on the 2nd floor, where they can look down and watch the crowd, nursing their drinks as the room below fills up with guests. It's a big space but it feels intimate thanks to good lighting and chill music. There's a multi-tiered display along one wall of gift bags for attendees, co-sponsored by a variety of elite brands.

Jorgan_t: [doing a lot of things on his screen]

Daddy: Are you working? Relax. It's a party.

Jorgan_t: You don't pay me to relax.

Daddy: OK just shush with the capitalism.

Jorgan_t: Sorry. Just nervous.

Daddy: About what.

Jorgan_t: About because you won't tell me when this thing is happening. I thought we'd be out of here by now.

Daddy: You know want to know when it's happening? You could ask. Or you could guess. You want to guess?

Cheers erupt as the wedding party starts to make their entrances. Unlike the wedding ceremony the reception is a more exclusive event, for a few hundred of Qynka & Azelbeth's closest friends & fans. People clap and cheer as Anhedine enters. Poor Anhedine. Even after everything, still everyone's least favorite Superfine sister. Her sister dies and she's still living in her mother's shadow.

Speaking of which here comes Alikatase now. Dressed- ha ha oh God. Wearing a callback to an outfit her dead daughter Arkkelina famously wore in one of their videos. Alikatase seems intent on very literally replacing Arkkelina as the newest member of the Superfine Trio. Slightly sad and pathetic but still entertaining so who's going to stop her.

A hostess passes and Daddy waves her down.

Daddy: Honey what are these we're drinking?

Glitterstorm: Those are the extracellular mood balancers. One of the signature specials for tonights event.

Daddy: Can we get something different?

Glitterstorm: Do you want a mental-emotional antigen binder?

Daddy: ...Is that different?

Glitterstorm: Completely.

Daddy: [does peace two fingers to indicate please bring us two]

Daddy [to Jorgan_t]: Remember drinks? Real drinks. Imported. Were you old enough for that?

Before Jorgan_t can answer Qannen comes in and the crowd explodes. Still a favorite, even despite everything. Daddy frowns at his screen, watching her dance in, laughing, shaking her tits. He's been so focused on the Qynka storyline he's barely paid any attention to her lately, which is bad, he likes Qannen, always has. She has so much fewer followers than Qynka now. She had her chance, but what can you do. They got the same offer, but she didn't bite and her sister did. He watches as Qannen runs across the dance floor over to Sydrifase and kisses....no one? That can't be right. He lowers his screen to make sure he's seeing what he's seeing. Raises his screen and squints. Frowns, physically shakes his screen, looks through it again. Qannen is definitely kissing someone who is not showing up on his screen. Like he's there, but there's no there about him.

Daddy: Uh. Wait. Jorgan? Are you seeing this? Who is that?

Jorgan_t: Who is who.

Daddy: That guy.

Jorgan_t: What GUY.

Daddy looks again but OK wait he's gone. Qannen is off talking to Anhedine now and he's lost him. Wait no, there he is, standing right next to her. Jesus.

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