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She was heaven.

Silky black hair falling in waves down her back, a tight red dress that showed off every last curve, and a smile so heavenly that it hurt my sinful soul looking at it. I had never seen a woman look anything like her. She was nothing close to simple as she sipped her bourbon with a soft amused smile.

The things that I would do to her are absolutely sinful. Her fingers ripped through her hair as she turned towards me — apart of me wanted my own hands to grip her hair. The moans her mouth would create, the screams, the absolute whimpers that I would drag from her...fuck even the idea of it was enough to make me swallow hard. My body temperature rose and I shifted in my clothing — shivers fluttered up my spine.

I moved my eyes to the group around her. A sly smirk slipped onto my lips, I could tell that they were casting eyes towards my own group of friends. It wasn't a surprise we had gathered attention.

Delphi leaned towards me with her teasing smile, "Pretty little thing, isn't she?"

I finished off my drink. "I don't know what you are talking about."

"Please, don't act like you haven't been eyeing her up for the past hour and a half." Misha scoffed.

"She's a good choice for the last girl." Delphi offers. She shakes her crazy mess of hair before brushing her bangs away from her eyes.

"I don't know."

"Yes you do, you decided that she was going to be the last girl the second you laid eyes on her."

"And from the way she's been looking at you, I don't think she would hate the idea." Brooklyn slurs.

I turn away from the angel in red before looking around for someone else. No matter where I looked though, it seemed that I was comparing them to the girl across the club. They weren't tall enough, short enough, pretty enough, their eyes were too far apart, or too close together — no one was good enough. No one but her.

Any other day I would've jumped at the chance of getting to rest my lips between her beautiful thighs. I wanted to, more than I wanted anything else in my life at this very moment but even I didn't want to corrupt someone so ethereally perfect. I was fucked up — that had been proven more times than one — but I wasn't fucked enough to fuck her up. Anyone else, sure, but no, not her.

"Excuse me?" The voice is soft among the noise. I turn towards it. While the girl's voice had been lovely, she was disappointing. Pretty, yesterday I would've even called her beautiful, but she wasn't who I wanted.

"Hey, what's up?" Delphi says with a smirk.

"So, here's the thing, you are all gorgeous and my friends and I were wondering if we could join you?"

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