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Flirting with straight women was always something I excelled at. Women usually were starved for validation and attention — pushing a strand of hair back, calling them heaven-sent, accidental hand brushing, and assuring that if they weren't straight then I would absolutely ravish them usually sealed the deal. I was a star in seduction and the woman trying to hide her blooming blush from me was my audience.

"You're just saying that," she mutters before trying to shake the hair from her face.

"Oh, baby, I am definitely not saying anything that I don't mean." Leaning closer, I brush a strand of hair that had fallen across her lips away from her face. I lingered a little bit longer on her glossy lips and our eyes met as a smirk fluttered to my lips.

Before my hand can pull away, her hand rises to catch it and she's the first one to make full-on contact. "You would fuck me?"

"If that's what you wanted."


"Right here, outside, in the bathroom, and in my house." The dark red lights in the club's private room were adding to the seductiveness in my voice. My hand slips between her thighs but I don't dare to rise higher than necessary. She shivers at my touch and I can't help but smile at her reaction.

"I want you to do it right here."

"Are you sure, Reyna?" I whisper against her ear and she pulls me closer by the collar of my shirt. "I don't fuck nice."

"Who said I wanted you to?"

"Oh, trust me, I won't," She leans forward but I press my finger against her lips before I officially take what's mine. "About that deal we were talking about?"

I bring up the real reason that I'm here before this gets any more dangerous than it already was. Seduction could be a fragile thing but I didn't need this deal to fall apart. Business always before pleasure and then I would let me and her have the fun we were thinking about.

"It's a deal," she murmurs, "I'll have my people draw up the papers by the morning."

"You're not going to back out once I give you the best orgasm you've ever had, right?"

"My word is steel, Miss Grey."

"I don't believe in just words, Mrs. Bishop."

I say this with a flirtatious smile before kissing her bare shoulder. I nip at her skin and suck softly and she pulls out her phone. She types in a few things and presses send before she presses a contact. The phone rings three times. "Niall, I need you to draw up the Grey-Bishop deal. Have it done by six am on the dot."

The call ends and I smile. "Nice to see that your words are indeed steel."

She chuckles before turning to me fully. "Now, let's seal the deal with a kiss."

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