Chapter 1

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Marinette has long hair and here is what it looks like.

Also this Daminette story is going to start differently

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Also this Daminette story is going to start differently. I hope you all like it. And please no hate comments.

- Honah-Lee

Bridget POV

Me and Felix were driving to our niece school to surprise her. She didn't know we were coming which made it even more exciting. When we pull up in our 2016 Tesla. We see Marinette getting pushed into the bushes. And the students from her school laughed at her.

I am shocked at this so I get out and run to her. I hug her and turn to the crowd of students. Using my scariest glare on them. They stopped laughing and look kinda scared. Which gave me some satifaction.

"What would you make you all push a girl into the bush when she has done nothing to you!" I yelled at them as I help Marinette up and out of the bushes. I look at her and see she has a few cuts but other than that she is fine. She had tears but refused to let them fall.

"Ma'am she's a bully! She doesn't care what happens to other's!" A girl in a pink outfit and a pixie hairstyle shouts over the crowd since she is in the back.

"Yes ma'am she bullies me non stop!" A girl with her hair styles after sausages. Pipes up with big fat crocodile tears. Which didn't make any sense since Marinette character isn't anything like that.

"That isn't true! You accused her of tripping you! When me, Marinette and you know that isn't true! You just don't like how Marinette can see through your lies!" A girl with blond hair in a high ponytail and sunglasses shout at the girl with sausage hair. I sighed grabbing Marinette things and guiding her to the car where Felix is waiting. He looked equally confused and concerned.

I put her in the middle of the back seat. I then sit behind the passenger seat and start attending to Marinette cuts on her. I was about finished when I see one going under her coat she is wearing.

"Goldene Blume I need you to take your jacket off. You have a cut going under your sleeve." She stiffens but still takes it off. I inhale sharply at the scars. I knew they were there I just didn't know they looked like that. But I put that aside and cleaned the cut and bandage it. So she wouldn't feel uncomfortable as she already was. And just then we reached the bakery.

When we came inside Marinette had her jacket back on. Me and Felix hugged Tom and Sabine. I was happy to see my sister family but I hated what I saw at Marinette school. I wanted to ask about it but I didn't want to ask in front of Marinette in case she reacts badly. But then the bakery door opened.

I looked and saw five teenagers race in. One looked like Marinette but a little different. She had short hair and different colored eyes. The boy had black hair and teal dyed tips and blue eyes that was similar to his dyed tips. The girl from Marinette school that defended her. A boy who had red hair coving one eye and a boy with black hair and a red hoodie. They all ran to Marinette and gave her a group hug.

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