chapter 12: noraku attack the ending of my love story

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        (the song i have brought to you is a thousand years because of the death of rin)

It has been year since i decided to be Sesshomaru mate. Back to the story.

-my pov-

        I herd rin scream from the garden as i turned wolf but, when i got there i saw her bleeding out. When i saw noraku over her, I panicked as i held her in arms as she took my snowflake necklace. She stopped breathing as sesshomaru ran over to me. "RIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINNNNNNN NOOOOOOO" I screamed as i force so strong that sesshomaru flew back to a tree.

        -my vampire pov-

        My eyes were blood, my hair was black mixed with red, my teeth and claws grew sharper, and my clothes changed to a vampire princess clothes. "Oh i see that you what you did there. This is your true self" he said as i got angry. "You killed rin!! Im going to kill you" i yelled as i grabbed Noraku's neck and squeeze tightly as he stared in my red eyes. Noraku then tranced form pasted the vines to his ultimate form the fire fox with four tails.

        He had dough all of my attack as he kicked me to rins body. Sesshomaru ran up to be and saw what have i became. "Stand back sesshomaru" i ordered as he did just that while i prepared my fangs. "I will inject my blood to wake her up." i said as inuyasha, kagome, sesshomaru, and shippo watched me bite her. 'Rin Rin wake up come on darn it still not enough' i though as my blood entered her body.

         I set her in sesshomaru's arms as i felt weak as noraku lunged at me and i couldn't dough. He was quick as he punched the living daylights out of me. "Ahhh" whimpered in pain as he was going to make the final blow. I closed my eyes as he launched his attack but, i felt some one picked me up. I looked down to see rin.

        I started to breath quickly as i hugged her. "How the heck did you excapped my attack you filthy mutt" he said as I roared as i called sesshomaru to hold him sitll. "You gave up most of your blood to that human but, you will die with sesshomaru" noraku said as i jumped. "You will never touch rin again you fire fox. If i see you with her i will kill you with no mercy.

        "You should know where you be long" i threaten as i kicked him far enough in ground that he out cold. I grabbed sesshomaru got him out of there as i kissed softy as rin gave me my necklase. "This will be the last time....... you will being seeing me...... sesshomaru and my soft side. Im sorry.... if i was trouble to you....." i said while my dying breath. I glowed and dissappeared as sesshomaru screamed my name with tears in his eyes.

        (do you guys understand why i chose this song sorry that it was sad ending but, it had to be done. im sorry if it was sad i will try to make a book two sorry if it is short)

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