Chapter: 8

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I'm awkwardly standing while Clara sits next to Jeremy giggling and batting her eyelashes. It makes me want to gag watching her flirt with him, and then him flirt right back. It's even worse now that I know they sleep together. I internally puke at the thought and I have to stop myself from screaming. This party is the worst. None of my friends were able to come so it's all of Jeremy's idiotic friends and my mom and dad's "friends". This party is so that my mom can show off her perfect daughter, handsome son, and flaunt her money.

"Is there something wrong?" Jeremy asks, making me realize how bad my resting bitch face must've been. "No, I'm good." I laugh nervously which prompts everyone to go back to their conversations. Clara leans in to whisper something to Jeremy. His eyes go wide as she leans back keeping her hands on his thigh. I do not want to know what she just said. As everyone continues to ignore me I realize how painful tonight will be.

I continue to sip my punch being careful to drink slowly. That last thing I need is to have to pee during my performance. I'm still seething about the stupid party, how disgusting Jeremy and Clara are, and the fact that I have no one to hang out with at my own going away party. I watch all the happy couples dancing and laughing. Some are making out and others are getting past tipsy. I notice Liam dancing with a really beautiful girl. She has shoulder length brown hair that poofs out in crimped waves. She's quite tan and a little bit on the curvier side. I can tell that she likes him by the way she's grinding on him.

My blood starts to boil at the sight of some girl touching Liam. Why does she think it's expectable for her to just hit on every attractive guy at a party. Sure she's pretty, but he should have some decency to pay attention to me at my party. As I get angrier my grip on the punch slowly grows tighter. Eventually my glass shatters and punch spills all over my shoes. "God dammit." I hiss to myself. I can't believe I got so jealous, he's not even my boyfriend. We literally haven't even held a conversation for longer then ten seconds. What the hell is wrong with me.

I run into my house to find different shoes because I can't play with sticky heels. I burst into my room running to my closet to start my hunt. I'm rummaging through my shoe stand to find some white or black heels. I find a singular white pump and throw it across the room in frustration. "Where the hell are all my shoes!" I scream. I know I have a pair of pink heels somewhere. I start throwing baskets across the floor in search of the shoes. After what felt like hours I managed to retrieve the wanted heels and throw them on. I hurry back outside tripping slightly on my way out.

As soon as I re-entered the party my mom quickly grabs my arm and drags me over to the stage. "I have been looking everywhere for you. It's time for you to play so go announce yourself." She pushes me up the stairs and I stumble over to the microphone. "Uh, excuse me everyone. If I could have your attention please?" The dancing and chattering continues, I look over at my mom alarmed. She motions for me to continue. "Hello, excuse me just for a moment." Again nothing changes. I'm about to give up and walk off when a voice bellows "SHUT THE HELL UP!" I now have everyone's undivided attention. "Uh, thank you. Hello, I'm Aphrodite and my mom asked me to perform tonight so I'll be playing an original song called Clara's smile." I look  into the crowd to find Clara hugging herself with such a brilliant smile.

I move the bench out and sit down throwing the trail of tulle and lace to my right side. I place my hands on the keys and take a deep breath inhaling the smell of grass and wood. I open my eyes when the first note sounds. As I move my hands up and down the keys my heartbeat quickens as I start to play louder. My whole body is moving while I pound out the middle of the song. I fight the tears as I near the end of the song. My fingers barely push into the keys as I whisper the last notes. The hum of the ending makes my breath hitch. As I place my hands back in my hand the applause starts. Everyone stands apparently overwhelmed with my performance. I notice Clara and a few others wiping away tears.

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