The World of Weiss Guertena Chapter 1: The begin of the mysteries

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In the early afternoon, under the gray sky... Ib and her parents were on their way on an art gallery. "Did you remember everything Ib?" said her dad, "Oh! Do you have your handkerchief? You know, the one that you got for your birthday? Keep it safe in your pocet okay? Don't lose it!" said her mom


We're already in the art gallery... As we entered, my mom said with a happy sound "Well. we're here... This is your first time in an art gallery right Ib? We're here today to see an exhibition of Guertena. And they don't only have paintings but also sculptures.... And all kinds of other creations! I don't doubt that you'll even enjoy it, Ib" and my dad continued "Shall we go to the reception desk?" and my mom replied "Ah, Yes! let's get some pamphlets as well."... I got so exited that I wanted to go on ahead so I asked my mom, "mom, can I go on ahead and see the sculptures and paintings?", and my mom said "Oh, you want to go on ahead?", then I nodded "Really, Ib....oh, alright. Make sure you're quiet in the gallery, okay? Don't make a ruckus! Not that there's anything to worry about you, I suppose... Don't cause other visitors any trouble, now!" then I nodded and went on ahead. Then on I go to the other room, I saw a big fish painting on the ground.... It has a blue background too that represents water! as I read about he description, " '??? of the deep' a world where man would not stand.. To ??? that world, I decided that I would ??? withing the canvas" that's what it said... I don't know some of the words...Hm... like looking down deep into the sea from the surface... As I went to the other room (down), I saw a big red rose.. I talked to a kid and he said "I wanna pick up those petals" then I said "they'll get mad" and he replied "YOU'RE BORING!!!" then I walked on a different area and it said 'the coughing man' but it doesn't seem like it's coughing. As I go to the next room (left), I saw more paintings.. one was titled 'selfless guard' and the other one... Actually there was a person standing in-front of the painting and he said "A truly marvelous painting! I wonder how it might have been painted?" then i walked away and I saw a description.... ??? of ??? and stars... I don't know some of the I read more titles at the other room (up)... '??? Spirit', I don't know some of the words.. I skipped other paintings.. I saw a man staring at a painting and he said "Man, the great Guertena does not disappoint! The more I look, the deeper I see it is.." then I went to the next room... it was where I went to the first place.. Then I saw mom and dad... I went near them and my mom said "Ib, if you want to use the toilet, you can just go okay?", the I walked away and went to the first room and went up-stairs. I saw more paintings and sculptures! One statue was named "Death of the individual" then I went down and went to the next room (left), I saw a HUGE painting! It was titled '??? World' well I don't know some of the words. After I read it, the lights went blinking.... as I went back, no one was there! I went down, then the lights went blinking again, this time, the lights were off. No one was there! I went to the room where I went on the first room on where I went and.... No one was around..... as I walk around the hallway, no one was around. I went to the rose and as I continue walking unto the other room (up), the art of the coughing man just coughed!! Paintings can't move!! NOR SPEAK! I just went on the other room(up) and I went up-stairs and walked and walked.. I went to a place where there was a painting of a lady in red.. When I wanted to go down, an orange just dropped from a painting!!!! I just didn't noticed it and kept on exploring. I went to the big painting and saw a blue paint leaking from the art.. When I came near it, It said 'Come Ib,come down below, I'll show you to some place secret'.. but I don't know where to come.. but then I went to the big fish's paint, it was open and I can jump down... I jumped in and it was water, a when I woke up, there was another world. I walked into the hallway and in the wall said 'come' many times. I keep on walking and found a red rose on the table sitting on a vase. I picked it up. Then I moved the table and entered the door. I saw a creepy painting... The picture was overflowing like it's out of the frame and the eyes was closed.... But there was something on the ground.... I found a blue key and I took it. When I picked it up, the art opened it's eyes and the eyes looked so creepy! It was staring at something. But first, I read the description.. It said "When the rose ???s, so too will you ??? away" I don't know some of the words. I didn't check what it was staring at but when I came out of the room, the wall said "thief" many times.. It was only written though. Then when I was walking, the word 'Thief suddenly popped out of the ground... That one word.. as I moved to the next room where I came from... the stairs was gone so I went on the next room and there was another door... It was locked so I used the blue key. Then on that room, there was paintings of insects. on the wall, it said "beware of edges" so I went back to the insect paintings... on the other part was more insect paintings... There was a door there so I came in to it but on the floor, there was a big hole, so I went back and went to the 1st part of the insect paintings. When I walked to the part tht said 'beware' , I was on the middle and while I was walking, ARMS! ARMS WERE POPPING OUT OF THE WALLS! And even to the end.... I moved on and I saw an ant painting. I was about to enter the next room but the door was locked... I looked at the and again and it looked like it can be taken off the wall, so I took it off. I went back to the insect paintings and accidentally, I almost squished the little thinggy and it said "Oh that's my painting. It's just s cool as I remember. *stare*" then I walked on and went to the hole part and put the ant painting there, as I stepped on it, the ant in the painting got squished, but I didn't mind and I continued.. I went on the next room and found a headless statue and a green key on the floor.. I picked up the green key on the floor then the I thought I just saw the headless statue move a step.. so I took a step backward and it stepped forward again and I stepped backward.. Then it came chasing me so I ran and screamed "AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!", then I hurried to the past door and crossed at the painting and the painting broke... The statue almost got me! Then I entered the room... Then I went to the locked door and used the key.. The door opened. The room had a cat head... the nose has a shape of a fish, but it's missing... so I went to the right door and fund a stick-man and in the letter said "play hide and seek?" then the stick-man disappeared. I choose carefully... I chose at the second line, at the second to the last of it, and there it was and in the letter said "found me, you get a prize", then in the bottom of a painting, I saw a wooden fish head on the ground and I picked it up. Then I went put then I went to the Left room and saw many statues there. When I entered there, the light flickered and I went to the other side and one white glass statue moved and I froze because I got scared.. as it came closer (not too close though) It broke and I found a wooden fish body and I picked it up... I saw a yellow paint on the celling but I just ignored it and went back to the cat room... I combined the head and the body and placed it in the hole. And there was a cat meow.. I got scared... a path opened with a 'meow' sound. I went to that path... I saw a wiggling tongue, but when I walked 2 steps far away from it, it spitted on me! I suddenly felt bad and my rose's life decreased! There was a white painting.. At the other side... there was a note on the wall that said 'BEWARE OF LIPS' so I came to check the lips and came near it and it said "Hungry...Give me food" then it bit me.... It actually hurt and my rose's petals decreased. as I walked on the path, good thing I was at the middle cuz an arm came out of the wall! Then I saw many hanging dolls. As I entered the door, I read the note first... it said 'the liar's room' , then I entered through it and saw many paintings....




it's actually a game :3

anyone who knows the game just DON'T TELL!!!!!! I'll post it when i'm done :P

Characters for now:

Ib - 9 year old kid

mom - Ib's mom

dad - Ib's dad

they don't have names XD

enjoy (/ouo)/

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