chapter 5

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Jessica's P.O.V

"so where's the boys?"i asked curiously

"they are at their families but they will be comping up here soon to stay at my house so you will be able to meet them" i smiled widely me and louis were at a coffee shop across the street from the restaurant because they all kept watching us with smiles. so we left. 

this all feels so normal and i love it, i don't feel like i have to fake it with him

"your eighteen right?" he asked serious with his cute curious face

"yus i am and i am still the same weirdo i was before you left" i chuckle then sadness took over me i wish he never left me, maybe we would still be like we use to

"hey im here, im not leaving i promised" i smile and him an he grabs my han dmaking me blush and wish he would stop making me embarass myself

"louis" he looks up and oh my gosh that was the most beautiful look he's ever given me. i was flooded with so many emotions that i couldn't even finish my sentence. all i could do i stare into his blue orb's which showed me love,passion, lust, and hope all in one look. 

*ring ring*

i break the gaze and look at my phone seeing my mom calling

"hello" i say staring at louis and seeing is godly smile and give a small smile back 

"hey we are leaving have loui give you a ride home ok? oh, is everything going fine honey?"

"yes mom everthing is fine and i will get him to bring me home"

"ok bye honey"

"bye" i look up an notice louis got up and was paying for our coffee's. what a gentlemen, maybe i was wrong to be so mean to him when he came back.

"are you ready love?" holding his hand out. i took it shock waves went through my body as of now i have accepted any feeling that louis gives me because the feeling it gives me makes  me feel like the happiest person on this planet

"so do you have a boyfriend?" he asked looking at the ground and shoving his hands in his pockets

"no, i havent had one since freshman year" truthfully i built my walls up so high i didn't want to let a boy in just for them to walk away

"really?" he looked up shocked

"what? i mean yeah"

"but look at you"

"yeah well i didn't want to let anyone in, i was afriad" i say quietly and slowed my pace to the point i just quit walking. before i knew it i was being embraced and this hug expressed so many emotions we couldn't put into words ourselves



"say you won't let go"

"i won't let go" he kissed me head and played with my hair. 

this is what i want.

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