Neva Lettin You Go, P1

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Maya is finally home! I'm on my way to pick her up, These past 2 years has been hectic. I been missing my baby! Glad she coming home to daddy! The girls happy too, Especially my baby Autumn, I bought her that Calender seemed like it still didn't work for her. The last couple months of the 2nd year, Trey just disappeared ain't heard from him ain't seen em and I don't know what's going on, I called em went by the house ain't nobody heard from em. But, I got a feeling the girls know cause I catch them whispering about him but, when I come in the room they get quit at first I didn't think none of it until he hadn't called nobody or even came by and seen April or Maliyah and that's when I knew something was up.

"August!!" Maya said dropping her bag and hugging me

I picked her up and kissed her lips and held her so close I started to cry,"DONT you ever leave us again, Ya hear ? Don't do this shit no more."

She nodded and I put her down holding her couldn't stop, "I'm never letting you go. You hear?"

She smiled and nodded, "Come on let's get you home so you can shower and so I can get you something to eat."

She nodded and got in the car and I got in , The girls at school.

"How big the girls got?" She asked me wiping some tears

"Autumn almost as tall as April used to be and April almost as tall as TJ. TJ hella tall"

She smiled, "How did you and Trey get along?"

"Actually, good. until he vanished."

"What you mean he vanished?"

"He ain't been answering nobody calls, ain't came by the house. I went by the house but no one answered."

"Let me see your phone." she said sniffing like she was holding back tears

I reached in my pocket and handed her my phone and I guess she called Trey.



Trey still ain't been answering his calls. I pulled my hair up into a bun and put on a wife beater dress and some sandals and went downstairs.

"MAMA! " I heard

I didn't recognize the voice at first until I looked over and seen Tj, damn this boy is tall, looks like a teenager but he ain't

"TJ?" I asked him

He smiled and nodded, I got up and hugged him kissing his forehead

"Oh my god, you got so big on auntie!!"

"I know mama, but I took care the girls just like you told me."

"You did?" I asked still hugging him

"Yas girl, he couldn't stay home for nothing. As soon as he got outta school we came straight over."

I smiled and kissed his forehead, "I'm so proud of you, TJ."

"Thanks mama, Aug you ready?"

"Yeah yungin' "

"K, see you later mama and mommy"

"See you later, TJ" I said hugging him

He kissed Vanessa and him and August left to get the girls

"Girl, I'm so happy you home."

"Me too, Baby girl. Me too. You know where Trey is?"

"Nope, ain't nobody heard from him."

"I'm going by there later."

"Imma go with you" she said

"Okay, it's gone be late tonight. Cause aug wouldn't let me out his Sight for nothing unless he sleep." I said laughing

She laughed and nodded.


"So glad you home mama" April and Autumn said hugging me

I was just crying so hard, "Oh my god. Mama, missed you guys so much!"

"We missed you too mama, Dont cry." they said

I smiled and laughed kissing they foreheads.

"OMG mumma! " Maliyah said dropping her purse and running and hugging me

"Damn gone knock your momma over how aintcha?" I said laughing

"Sorry mama. Just missed you so much."


I climbed out the bed slowly to get away from August's grip and I grabbed my shoes slipped them on and grabbed my purse leaving my phone and going to my car and speeding to Vanessa's.



Maya and I walked Into Trey's house some candles was lit but the house was dark and that's when we knew he was in the house, I mean he wouldn't leave the candles on would he?

"Trey?" We called out

No answer.

We walked to his bedroom and he was laying in bed with some liquor everywhere and an empty pill bottle Maya tugged at his pants as I lifted him up trying to wake him

"Oh no, Trey please wake up. don't do this, I'm gone kill you if you did this." we cried

"I'm up, I'm up"

We both held our heart in relief and hit him

"Yo the fuck?" He said sitting up turning his light on

"Maya?" He asked pulling her in a hug and holding her so tight I thought for sure her head would explode

"Trey, where you been?" I asked

"Out of town, why?" He asked

"You had everybody worried about chu and what's up with all the fucking liquor and the pill bottles, you trying to kill yourself."

"I tried, didn't work." he said

I looked at Maya and she looked at me.

He what?

To be continued....

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