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Um yeah basically years & years are a really good band you should listen to that song^^


I sprinkled the fish food carefully and cautiously into the rectangular fish tank, noticing how good the coral looks with my fish's scales. It really brought out her silver skin.

"I have to go catch my bus, I will see you later, Eden," I whispered against the glass, and she probably felt some sort of sadness at my abandonment. "I-"

I was interrupted by a harsh swing of my front door which swiftly flung open, a bothered looking Harry with furrowed eyebrows standing in the door frame.

I angrily crossed my arms. "Knock before walking in," I snarled. "I could be changing."

"If that was the case then I'd rip the door off its hinges." He smirked slyly and crossed his strong arms along with a fierce lip bite.

I stood to my feet instantaneously, crossing my arms also as I raised an eyebrow in anger. "Excuse me?"

He narrowed his intent stare onto me even stronger, and his sharp jawline intensified. "Is something wrong?"

I nodded immediately, straightening my posture as I glanced in his direction confidently. "I don't appreciate your comments."

"You do." He grazed his bottom lip with his thumb.

"I'm sorry," I pouted and stressfully ran my small hands through my hair, completely unaware of my stupidity as his smirk grew wide. "I totally forgot that you can read my mind and make decisions for me. Yes, Harry. I love it when you make sexual comments towards me, it brightens my day- it inspires me."

His smirk soon faded as his nostrils flared. "That was a bit out of character, for someone like you."

I guess it was. But, I had a reason. I was... I was at that time in the month where I... I was hormonal and stressed.

"Out of character?" I questioned, scowling slightly. "What, am I in a book now? Do I have to stick to certain characteristics?"

"When you're as moody as this," He snarled. "Yes."

I only rolled my eyes in exhaustion as I ignored his words. He was trying to get me agitated just so I could argue with him and cause a great chance to make up and make out. That's all he wanted. And I wasn't giving it to him.

"Let's just get to the bus." I spoke and brushed past him, my arms still crossed.

I was a bit upset at the fact that I didn't say a proper goodbye to Eden but I had to forget about it and go to school. I sauntered peacefully to the bus stop and embraced myself in the coldness. Harry followed behind me, and he spat out his gum in front of us both before stepping beside me.

"Disgusting." I whispered in surprise.

"It was gum," He mindlessly murmured. "Not saliva."

I think my miserable self was just getting annoyed over the most simplest things that Harry was doing.

The bus soon approached and I took slow steps in, carefully making my way through until-


Harry's hands grasped my shoulders from behind as he securely prevented me from falling on the ground. I tripped again.

"I swear," Harry deeply spoke into my ear from behind. "You trip on that same step every day."

I embarrassingly hurried forward and soon caught sight of Devon sitting toward the back, an empty seat next to her. I smiled a little and waved, my feet nearing toward her.

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