chapter 3

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Jessica's P.O.V

^^^^^^she wore this under her cap and gown

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^^^^^^she wore this under her cap and gown

Today is graduation Day and i'm super excited, i'm sitting down waiting for them to call my name and my row is being called now. 

as soon as i walk across that stage i know i will be ready for my next step. forget louis. start my new life. live as happily as i can.

"Jessica Leann" i get up and walk up the step slowly so i don't trip and embarrass myself when i make it up the stairs with no problem i put a big smile on my face and go to my principle shaking his hands and grabbing my diploma i turn for pictures looking for my family once i spot them i smile and then i seen him....

i seen louis...

i snapped out of it and began to walk down the stairs, my heart was beating rapidly and my hands were sweating. i looked up and catch his blue  eyes piercing mine. i look down and blush i began to fill with anger

how can he come here and act like nothing happened? how could he come and sit with my parents like he never hurt me? like he never left.... but he did. he left and it pissed me off. 

i guess forget louis part is going to be hard to do now.

*30 minutes later*

the ceremony was finally over and we had to join our parents now. i hope louis isn't standing with them, but when i find them he wasnt there i mentally thanked god for that

"we are so proud of you sweetheart" my mom says rushing over to me and squeezing me extra tight

"mom i cant breath" i weezed out

"oh sorry baby  i'm just so proud, and now your are about to leave me" she began to cry

"just thirty minutes away mom"

"hey, congratulation" shock runs through my whole body when he lays his hand on my hand. i take a deep breath and turn around. anger spreads all over my body making my face burn 

"thanks" i grit out and turn back toward my mom

"mom can we go?" i sign annoyance taking over. she looks at Louis then back at me nodding and walking off. i was about to follow when louis grabbed my elbow making me freeze and have tingles all through my body but i pushed them away i can't trust louis.

"do you not miss me?" he says with hurt flashing over his face. now that pissed me off.  he left me without a goodbye

"of course i missed you, but i want nothing to do with you. you left with no goodbye, you just packed your stuff and was gone. i had to get a letter, a LETTER from you mom instead of being told in person that the person i spent my entire childhood with is leaving, don't talk to me anymore" i say yelling, then whispering the last part. all i could feel was hurt and pain from just looking at him. he looked like he was about to cry.. i kind of felt bad but too late to take it bad now

"i just knew if i told you face to face i would never leave, i would have never left. so i wrote the note. and i know that i hurt you but my dream came true aren't you happy that my dreams came true?"

"of course i am louis i'm always going to be proud of you. but i can't trust you no more i'm sorry i have to go"i  looked at him one last time before walking off crying.

"hey bug whats wrong" avery said hugging me

"he's back" 

"are you serious?"

"yes" i said sobbing she hugged me till i was finished rubbing my head. this is why i love her. we turned around and we left because we had reservations for mine and her families to celebrate.

all i could think about was louis, will i ever forgive him? i mean we are childhood friends. will he leave again? what do i always myself questions. ugh ok im going to forgive him.

I am scared shitless.

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