chapter 2

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Jessica P.O.V

"Wake up Jess you have two more days left till graduation. so please make it on time once this week" groaning i put my makeup brush down and slip on my pink toms and grab my backpack. 

"im coming callmmmm" i say kissing my mom on the cheek grabbing my house keys and walking out the door. I usually walk everyday it only takes ten minutes to get there. as i'm walking i see louis's house and i sign. it hurts knowing he's gone and i miss him

We use to do everything together, we sneaked into a pub one time don't ask how cause i can't tell you, louis has a good ninja skills. i miss his touch i was in love with him before he left i still love him but my feelings for him  changed for him that day. i just don't know how i'll feel if he popped in my life again or how ill react. would i be mad? yes. i would i'm angry as hell at him. He's such a big pop star now he couldn't even give me a call hey i would have forgiven him if he did. but he didn't.

when i got to school i met up wit Avery my faovirte of all time she is amazing

"hey gorgeous" i say looking down at my books. she looked at me with concern and lifted my chin

"whats wrong bug?" 

"i wish he was here with me, we talked about graduating together" i began to fell tears welling up in my eyes. she signed and looked at me with pity

"i know you miss him, i know it's hard but whether he is here or not i am here and we are graduating  together and after summer we are both moving in together and starting out lives. we don't need him to do all that, it was his choice to walk out. but i wont" she says giving me a hug. i wipe my tears feeling loads of happiness because i actually have a friend who loves me and isn't about putting me down. Avery also knew Louis she just wasn't as close to him as i was but it hurt her when her left to.

If i ever see him i will punch him.

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