Chapter 1

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OK so first i will catch you up to speed on all that has happened.

On my freshman year me and Louis were closer than ever. yes Louis Tomlinson. we grew up together and i knew he could sing but i never knew he would just leave without no goodbye. It was his senior year hes was eighteen and we were always around each other but one morning i ran to louis's house to meet up with him to walk to school and i can remember it like it was yesterday


*knock, knock*

"hey Jessica" Louis's mom Johannah answered looking at me sadly

"where's louis? is he ready i don't want to be late again" i say chuckling. she looked at me and sighed. that when i knew something was wrong

"whats wrong? is he okay?" i asked getting upset

"here baby, i"m sorry" she sighs and hands me a piece of paper and gives me a short hug before walking in and shutting the door. i stood there looking down at the paper i didn't have to open the paper to know he's gone i started crying. flipping the paper open


i'm sorry i had to leave it like this, i couldn't face telling  you goodbye to your face. i'm sorry i hurt you darling, we are to young (hahaha get what i did there) to sit here and do nothing so  i packed my stuff last night and i went an carried on my dream. i am auditioning for the X-Factor and hopefully it will go my way. I love you darling you will always be my favorite. I'll never forget you.

                                                                                                                                              love, Tommo*

by the end of it the paper had tear stains all over it. how could he leave me? why couldn't he tell me bye?? then and there i built my walls up running home not caring about school. when i ran in the door all i heard "are you okay" "honey what happened" i dropped the paper on my up the stairs and ran in my room stuffing my face on my pillow weeping. i miss him...

*flashback over*

And from then on i haven't heard from Tommo anymore. i'm a senior now about to graduate and not a day hasn't passed that i have't thought about him. every-time i think about him all my emotions began to whirl and i began to feel depressed but i'm happy for him, his dream came true he is the band One Direction and even though i don't want to admit it there music is awesome. i listen to it when i miss him. i love him. yes i love him but i have to push that feeling far away cause i will never see him again i don't know if i want to anyways.

i still read the letter sometimes when i'm really missing our late nights together. crying over that letter always makes me feel better. 


will update moreeee thanks for reading

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