Ok, so, I've decided to start this new story with the help of my friend @Hazzy16 and am REALLY EXCITED!!! I mean JUST LOOK AT THE COVER! DOES THAT NOT LOOK AWESOME!?! 

Anywho... I would really like your help with this one. I've decided to do a bit of a contest to get YOUR OWN CHARACTER IN MY BOOK. 

This is the first time I have ever done anything like this so bear with me. But I think this could be a really great way to start involving more people in my writing and get to know you all better. So here it goes.

First things first, I would really like it if you fan me. It isn't required for entry but it will help out a lot and I try and fan back. So please if you would I WILL LOVE YOU FOREVER!!!

Also, if you send me your application in the comments below, then please first type @AnnaLeeRose100 so I'll get a notification that there was a comment made and it will make it much easier to find. And if you would rather not write all this in a comment, then by all means shoot me a message. My message box is always open and I love hearing from you lot! It makes me smile! :D

Also, I may be slow due to horrific school :P but I always respond and will definitely be writing even if it is a bit slower. So, please, understand that. I love writing, but I also edit and make covers and such for others which takes time so if you give me patience I swear it'll be worth the wait, k? 

And now, if you would like to enter for a character in this story then just fill out the questions below.

CHARACTER NAME: (This can be your name or just some name you really like. Either way, put first and last and middle if you want.)

NICKNAME: (I feel this explains it's self :P)

DESCRIPTION: (Again, this is a character. It may look however you like. But please include details such as; height, eye color, hair color and type, basic skin color, and other details you might like such as dimples, figure, and such.)

AGE: (Again, I feel this explains it's self :P)

PERSONALITY: (Quirks, sense of humor, you know... you. What hobbies do you have? What makes you, you? Those sorts of things.)

CHARACTERS STYLE: (This kind of goes with the personality but in the sense of how do they dress based off of who they are?) 

BACKGROUND: (Again, what makes them tick. What is their past or home like. If you aren't sure that's fine. I may play around with this based off of where the story is going anyway.)

RELATIONSHIP TO CHARACTERS: (Ex, sister, brother, second cousin twice removed? Did you know the boys? Did you know Liz? You tell me.)

And that's pretty much it. If you can think of anything else to include to help me bring your character to life feel free to let me know. I may message you if I have any questions about your character or ideas of which I may want approval.

One more thing before you go. I was thinking that the first few entries I receive may or may not get the chance to be involved with one of the other boys in some way shape or form (and this includes the actual band, such as Josh, if you so wish.) So, if your interested, let me know which boy and I will see what I can do. It may or may not happen due to the story but still let me know because you never know what might happen. And if you want to be one of Zayn's Exes let me know that too because I may do flashbacks and such. K? GREAT!!! YAY!!! EXCITED!!!

Ok, well, love you all and hope to hear more soon! Laters loves! <333


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