Chapter 2; Bread.

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You see, you went to Karasuno high school. You were going into your second year, of prison, that is. You had a few good friends, but you preferred to stay under the radar. It's not that you were overly shy, you just weren't overly dramatic. 

Y/n was a decent student who got their work done, did what they needed to do, and went home. You had a few hobbies, but nothing too quirky. Besides, you weren't like the other girls. Ok, you should really get off of Tik Tok before your brain cells reduce to the amount that a gold fish has.

As you got ready for the day, you realized you forgot to lay out your uniform the night before school. 'Oh son of a mccheeseburger' you mumbled. Quickly digging it out under the random pile of clothes you had on the floor, you put it on. You brushed out your hair and did the other necessities that any normal person would do in the mornings. Looking in the mirror, y/n officially decided they looked like a rat on drugs. But, not caring much for appearances, you quickly zoOmed downstairs to get a quick bite to eat.

Y/n dug through the pantry and found the best food of all, bread. You put it in the toaster and popped it out. Grabbing the rest of your things, you headed off to school, toast in hand. The school was awfully close to your house, so you walked there. 

It was definitely going to be a chilly day, so you took a neutral colored hoodie from your backpack and threw it on top of your uniform. You didn't care much for the school's uniform policy, anyways. Who cares if you get in trouble, you still were a good student. The teachers weren't worried about you, which were the privileges of living under the radar.

While you had your bag opened, you thought you would listen to your favorite music artist(s). You preferred a lot of music like The Beatles, The Beach Boys, Jack Stauber, and a lot of Indie artists. Occasionally rap would also be an option, but Broadway had piqued your interest as well (feel free to switch this up if you don't like this music). Plugging your ear buds in, you walked peacefully to school. Just you, your music, and a piece of toast. What more could you want?


Well, that quiet time was interrupted, since you had arrived sooner than later at the school. Almost immediately as you walked in, you recognized the same chaos that always went on in Karasuno. The occasional fight, certain cliques, annoying couples making out in the halls, lovely. Although you sometimes considered yourself a hopeless romantic, you would never understand why people make out in the hallways. Averting your eyes, you dug out your schedule from your bag and tried to find your first class.

'ohmygoshwhatifIcan'tfindmyclassI'mgonnabelatewhYisschoolsoembarrassing-'You decided those thoughts could be saved for later. Since you always had trouble finding your first class, you took initiative. You marched right towards the nearest teacher, and spoke in the most confident voice you could muster up...

But, all you could let out was a bunch of quietly mumbled words, asking where your class was. Luckily, the teacher understood what you were saying. 'I really hope they don't think I'm a first year, I mean, I act like one but-'

'Oh wait I'm already at my first class'

You quietly sat down at your desk, ear buds still in. 

'Uhh.. maybe I can just,, I dunno, doodle on a sheet of paper.' That is what you were notorious for, anyways. You were never really the type to join a club, or a sport none the less. They weren't your forte, and both of your parents didn't carry any athletic genes. Plus, you became easily unmotivated. Yeah, you wouldn't be joining a sport any time soon. Right?? Right?????? Eh, irony is gold. 


Whoop whoop first 2 chapters out. 

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