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Waking up he saw all of the sins and Elizabeth knocked out and a letter. Naturally Izuku opened it and saw a disc with a button on it so he pushed it. A hologram displaying the principal of UA popped up explaining how he got in but it went through one ear and out the other. Destroying the hologram Izuku stood and started cleaning and cooking. The sins and Elizabeth soon awoke to the smell of the food and drooled. “Good Morning sleepyheads” Izuku said, causing them all to blush.

“Good Morning” They all mumbled embarrassed. They all then sat down and Izuku served them a plate of food that they all ate hurriedly. “Hey Izu, did you get in?” Merlin asked. “I will start next week,” he answered before returning to the dishes.

First Day Of Class

Arriving at the school he gained strange looks from staff and students alike. He soon found class 1-A and opened the door. All eyes were on him as he stood there and soon everyone started attacking him for no reason. Izuku waved lostvayne into existence taking a stance. One girl shot acid at him so Izuku used the blade to cut the stream in half while another shot a cannon ball at him which he caught.

A girl with ash blonde hair lunged at him with explosions coming from her hand so he grabbed her wrists and used his leg to kick her in the chin. Another came at him with a shadow like entity so he flared hellblaze causing it to back off. “ENOUGH you're allowing the author to stall for words cus he doesn't know how to continue” A teacher yelled.

Everyone soon stopped and stared at the...Yellow sleeping bag?. “This is Izuku Liones as you can see he’s a male and he possesses a quirk now sit down and shut up” She said and everyone obeyed. “Now i'm Shota Aizawa but to you all i'm Aizawa-Sensei and today you will be taking a physical evaluation test so get up and put these on” Teacher said throwing PE uniforms at the students who got up to change.

Izuku sat there motionless as the students stared at him. “Aren't you gonna get up to change” one of them asked. Izuku just snapped his fingers and the PE clothes were on his body, a handy trick Merlin taught him. Some of the girls sighed and others sucked their teeth while Aizawa had a slight grin. Izuku then jumped out the window to the training ground and started to eat some dango waiting for his class.

Once they arrived, Izuku sat up and discarded the trash waiting for instructions. “As i said in class we are doing a physical evaluation test. Bakugou, how far could you throw a ball in middle school” Aizawa asked. “Like 70 meters i think” she responded. Aizawa then passed her a ball. “Try now but this time use your quirk” Aizawa explained. Bakugou then gained a murderous smirk and yeeted ball yelling before “DIE” and letting off an explosion propelling it. “755.5 meters is a good job,” Aizawa said. “Cool we get to use our quirks all we want this is awesome” A girl said

“Fun alright if you come in last you're expelled so try your best” Aizawa responded. “WHAT THAT'S NOT FAIR” The same girl said. Before Aizawa could utter a word Izuku spoke. “Fair sweetie were here to become heroes natural,disaters,murder,Robbery,rape you think that shit is fair news flash its not” he finished causing the girl to have a sunken expression. “Couldn't have said that better myself, Liones” Aizawa said with a wide grin.

Skip To The Ball Test

“Next Uraraka” Aizawa said and the girl stepped up tapping the ball enabling it to float up. The meter showed the infinity sign causing people to flip out. “Next Liones” Aizawa called. Izuku waved lostvayne into existence and created a clone. He then covered the ball in hellblaze and chucked it at the clone who full countered it back at Izuku who full countered it at the clone. This went on for 10 minutes before Izuku fired the ball into the sky. Aizawa then looked at the measuring device and started to laugh maniacally.

“You alright teach” Izuku asked, fearing for his life. Aizawa then showed the class the device which read “Error 404 internal mainframe destroyed starting system reboot execute order 66”. After the test everyone went home reflecting on the...odd day

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