Bella's POV

We woke up and went downstairs to see Trevor and Kian attempting to make breakfast. There was flour everywhere and they had concerned looks on their faces. Nat and I burst out laughing "What are you guys 'making'?" Nat asks while laughing. "We were trying to make pancakes" Trevor stated. "Let the experts do it" I said. Kian put a hand over his heart and pretended that I hurt his feelings. We started making the pancakes while Kian and Trevor cleaned up the mess they made. When the pancakes were finished Trevor screamed "Pancakes" within 2 seconds everyone piled into the kitchen including Magcon. After breakfast we cleaned up and sat down on the couch. "So, what are we going to do today?" Sam asked "We should stay inside so that we don't get mobbed by fans." "Great Idea, Let's watch some movies?" Ricky said more of a question. We all sat down on the couch and watched 21 Jumpstreet, then 22 Jumpstreet. After that it was around 2:00. "Can we go swimming?" Hayes asked. "YAAAAAAAS" ricky screamed. "Bella and I are going to get our bathing suits on" Nat stated. Then we ran upstairs to get ready. "Nat should I wear pink or blue?" "Pink" I put on my pink bikini with denim shorts and a black crop top that says 'can u not' Nat was wearing a navy blue bikini top with white polka dots and a navy blue swim skirt, she put a white crop top over it. We walked downstairs to a lot of shirtless guys. Let me tell you, it wasn't the worst sight. We went outside to the pool and Nat and I took off our cover-up, and it the guy's jaws dropped to the floor. "Quit Drooling" Nat screamed before jumping in the pool and yelling "Cannonball!" She is really loud. We swam for a few hours and then decided to go inside and get cleaned up. After Nat and I took our showers we put on our onzies, My onzie is light blue with sheeps on it and Nats is royal with yellow rubber duckies and blue bubbles. We went downstairs and saw everybody on the couch, talking. "OMG I love your onzies" Connor says in a girly voice. "Its starting to get dark outside" Matt states "We could have a bonfire?" JC says excitedly. "Yay" Nat screams, "I think you just burst my eardrum" Aaron says annoyed. "Hey are you trying to sass me?" Nat says all sassy "Yes, yes I am" Aaron says, they both stand up and Nat gets her sass on. "Don't make me snap my fingers in a z formation, hip rotation, your going to be in devastation, break wall, water fall, boy you think you got it all, but you don't, I do so poof with the additude, bang bang choo choo train, wind me up so I do my thing, reeses peices, 7 up, you mess me down, I mess you up" "Dat girl got sass" Ricky whispered in my ear "I know" I whisper back. Nat just stood there looking at her nails waiting for a response, but Aaron was in shock. "You got some real skills" Nash said "I try" Nat says, flattered. "So, are we going outside or what? JC asks. We all ran outside and Kian set the bonfire up. Shawn grabbed his guitar and started strumming, before we knew it we all were singing The Weight by Shawn, Your Perfect by Jacob, and Slay by Trevor. "I think Bella should sing a song"Trevor said "I don't know, Nat's way better any ways" I responded "Okay" "What song?" Shawn asked "How about Oh Cecilia by The Vamps" Shawn started strumming and I sang, after I finished everybody looked in shock, To break the silence Nat and I started screaming the lyrics to Just Saying by 5SOS, and before we knew it, it was 12:00. We headed to bed and I thought about how amazing this whole vacation has been. 

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