Chapter Twenty-Four

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My heart was beating erratically in my chest as I stood on the sidelines in my cheerleading outfit. The obnoxiously bright blue and gold outfit was way too short for my liking as I continued with my routine alongside the rest of my team. Hidden from view underneath my hair was Jason's class ring hanging from a thin chain I found in my jewelry box. The bright green gem on the ring could easily be seen if I decided to wear it on my finger so I had to improvise with the chain.

"You okay, Dallas?" A new cheerleader on my team asked.

"Yeah, sorry." I brushed off and plastered a fake smile on my face. My ponytail that was being held in a blue clip bobbed up and down as I moved to the beat of the drums coming from the stands where our school band was playing.

The game was expected to start in a few minutes and the attendance for both teams was astounding. My side of the stadium was filled with teenagers, parents, and children dressed in either blue, yellow, or a combination of both. The same went for Jason's school, except their fans were in green and silver attire. Their cheerleaders were going through their routine as well, trying to get the fans into a spirited mood.

The announcers voice came through the loud speaker as he began to announce the teams. Our school name was announced first and the stands erupted in cheers as our football team ran out onto the field. I cheered for my brother like I always did and he ran over to give me a hug and kiss on the cheek. When he pulled away he glanced down and his face turned into a fit of rage. I looked down and saw that Jason's ring had managed to escape from in between my hair.

"Austin lis-" I tried to say but he already stomped over to where his team was waiting.

I was too caught up with trying to get Austin's attention I completely missed the announcement of Jason's team. I still didn't notice until something bumped into me and a silence fell over my side of the stadium. Before I could see who or what bumped into me a pair of strong hands grabbed my face and soft lips pressed against mine. Cheers erupted from Jason's side of the stadium as he continued to kiss me.

When he finally pulled away I felt dazed and extremely happy. He smirked and his eyes flickered down to the chain around my neck. "That's not where my ring belongs, but I'll take it." He winked. "I'll see you after the game. Try not to shake your ass too much. I might become distracted and lose." He kissed my cheek and jogged over to where his team was standing.

"Your brother looks so pissed." Someone hissed in my ear.

Kristy, a senior like me, sent me a worried look and I looked behind her to see that she was absolutely correct. Austin's face was red and he was giving Jason the deadliest glare I've ever seen. He quickly turned in my direction and I felt my knees begin to tremble as he gave me the same look.


Ten minutes were left in the game and we were behind by three points. To say each team was playing dirty would be an understatement; each team were playing their own tricks on the other, causing frustration and penalties to happen. Jason was succeeding greatly at irritating my brother and causing him to become distracted. Whenever Austin was on the field and I was watching the game Jason would purposely blow me kisses, wink at me, or wave. At first it was amusing, but eventually it had me worried.

Austin was so concerned about what Jason was going to do that he stopped paying attention and ended up getting sacked multiple times by the defense. At one point he got hit so hard he ended up staying on the field and I nearly ran over to check on him. He may be a jerk sometimes and definitely overreacting about Jason and I, but he's still my brother and I loved him.

After Austin was knocked down I began messing with Jason myself in order to get back at him. Whenever he took his place on the field I began cheering louder, and put more effort into swinging my hips and "stretching". It got his attention because he actually screwed up a few plays, which surprised the crowd a bit because Jason was apparently that good of a player that he never made mistakes.

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