Chapter 42: Clove

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I hold Cato's muscular arm and we go to sleep in our bed, both shirtless. I personally would like a shirt but I don't feel like separating this perfect moment. I sleep for what feels like only minutes but has probably been hours and wake up to what seems like night time. I roll over and wrap Cato's limp arms back around me. I sigh loudly and attempt to sleep some more. I finally get to sleep and wake up in the Capitol's cell. I start to freak out and hear a metal door creak open. 

'This has to be a dream' I think to myself  'I wouldn't be in here in real life' I remind myself. It's still unnerving and slightly scary. I look over to the door and see a familiar man walk in angrily.

"You little mutt!" the man says angrily. I smile innocently knowing it's a dream. He walks over to me evilly with a wild grin plastered onto his face. I try to think to myself and concentrate on dogs. 4 Daggers just pop up from the corners of the room and slink towards him. I look at him trying to be scared and he laughs bitterly.

"I wouldn't come any closer" I say, smirking confidently. He looks confused and just laughs at me angrily. The 4 dogs lunge at him and he falls to the ground, obviously startled. I smirk and concentrate that I'm home and I am. I look around an everything seems fine, both of my parents are there and I look at my dad angrily.

"Clove! I missed you" my mom says and my dad just looks away. I hug my mom and know it's a dream because I can't smell her scent.  I frown and my dad walks over slowly, almost carefully. He creeps closer and closer and slowly starts to get angrier and angrier.

"You traitor! You defy your family and your country! For what? A boy who doesn't care about you?" he yells angrily. I see his hand come across my face, in a slap, but just like that he's gone. I jolt up and check the clock. Only 5:29. I sigh and get up unable to fall back asleep.

What was that? I am a psychic? I dreamed that Peeta would be in prison and he was. Will my dad beat me for being a so called traitor. I sigh loudly and go to wash my face and some of my body. I strip my clothes and hop into the almost freezing shower. I sigh contently and wash my body with lemon scented soap. I decide to wash my hair and struggle to get it out of its braid. I finally get it out and wash it with the lemon soap, since they don't have any conditioner. I rinse my hair a couple times just to get the soap all the way out and grab my towel. 

I dry off and look at my half-covered body in the mirror. I look disgusting even after a shower. I feel disgusting and hurt. I slip my clothes back on and lay on the floor next to Dagger.

"Thanks for saving me in there" I whisper and her ears perk happily. She licks my hand tentatively and I stroke her short blackish brown fur.

"Clove why are you up so early?" I hear Cato ask groggily. I smile and stand up in the dark. I walk carefully to his side and lay next to him.

"I had a weird dream so I went to wash up and calm down" I say quietly as I curl up next to him. I feel him nod and sigh.

"Do you want to tell me about it?" he asks still slightly tired. I shrug and he sighs.

"Well at first I was in a Capitol cell and one of my patrons. And I realized it was a dream so I made 4 different Daggers appear and they attacked him. Then I was in my house with my mom and dad" I say bitterly "He called me a traitor and slapped me. Well, just he disappeared right before" Cato sits up and holds my hand.

"Sounds like a pretty normal dream, well except for the whole realizing it was a dream" he smiles and I kiss his cheek sweetly.

"That's not the problem. It's just I knew that Peeta was going to prison before he did. I dreamed it and now I feel something weird about my dad" I say actually confused. He pulls me close and I sigh.

"I'm sorry that you're so amazing" he says jokingly "I promise no one will do anything to you" he says forcefully. I look up to his dark face and just barely see him smile.

I don't sleep anymore but I don't want to move and wake up Cato so I stay there. I sit there just watching the time pass and sit plainly. Once it's 8 I decide it's safe to get up and I do. I shuffle out of his grasp and off of the bed. I sneak to the other side of the bed and jump on him, sort of softly.

"Wake up! Cato we get shipped off today!" I yell and he groans in pain. I jump off of him and run to go to the bathroom. I go quickly and wash my hands after. Cato opens the door with his shirtless self and I smile at him in the mirror. He comes up behind me and holds my waist to his body. I shiver quickly and manage to hide it. He looks around carefully and kisses my forehead.

"Why so secretive?" I ask confused and he smiles down at me with his beautiful icy blue eyes.

"We're under cover now" he says quietly and I roll my eyes. I pull away from him and he gets fully dressed.

"Let's go! Cato! come on!" I say loudly, right next to him. He follows me to go to the meeting room. I open the door to Coin, Plutarch and Katniss talking and look at them embarrassed.

"Oh Clove, it was nothing come in!" Coin says graciously. I smile at them all then Cato and I sit next to Katniss.

"We came early. Hope it doesn't matter" Cato says plainly. They shake their heads but they look kind of suspicious. I get rid of that thought and Boggs walks in with Peeta by his side.

"So you guys, Katniss and Peeta will be in squad K2P and you will go to the launch room, for launch obviously. You, Cato and Clove, will stay here because we have to wait for the other hover-craft to return from District 9" Coin says almost boredly but we nod.

"Okay let's go" Boggs says leading them out of the door and to the launch room. I smile at Cato and lean onto his chest. He sighs and we wait awkwardly until about 30 minutes have passed and Plutarch gets up to take a message, I guess.

"Hovercraft's ready. You guys go to the launch pad and tell them who you are" he says half way through the door. We get up and walk quickly to the launch pad. We wave over to the group of soldiers some of which we recognize, none by name, just face.

"Cato and Clove reporting" Cato says officially. I look at him in mock sternness and he looks genuinely confused.

"Clove and Cato reporting" I say louder and more forcefully.Cato rolls his eyes and pulls me into a hug. I smile up at him and we shuffle over to the actual group. We stand there awkwardly, because we don't know names and I feel Cato tense up. I look around and see a man watching us cutely, no that he's cute but like he's watching something cute.

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