A Serpent and His Rose [Slow Dance]

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"Breakfast is ready!" Mum's voice sang from downstairs. Your eyes shot open to the unpleasant glare of sunlight through your open window. Your corneas burned at the sight.

"Mum said breakfast's ready." You lifted your head up from your pillow begrudgingly. Your brother leaned against the doorframe, an apple in one hand. He took a large bite from it, and a bit of juice dribbled down the side of his chin. He wiped it with his sleeve as he chewed.

"Oh, really? Because I couldn't hear her at all?" you said sarcastically. Your brother gave you the finger from where he stood in your doorway. You threw your pillow at him.

"Mum! Justin's being a nuisance!" you yelled. He made another obscene gesture and you returned it.

"Justin stop harassing Andrea and the both of you come down to breakfast! You need to leave in 1 hour!" your father called up. You got up and closed the door in Justin's face. He was a bit of a prat but he was still your brother and you loved him when you claimed him. You sat and brushed out your dark hair, letting it fall to your shoulders. You smiled, glad that it stayed straight from the day before so you didn't have to do anything to it. You pulled on your dance studio's hoodie over the tank top you slept in and pulled on some white shorts. You liked to be comfortable on the train ride, so you never dressed nicely like you usually do. You put on light make up, including a bit of mascara and a clear gloss. You pulled on your Uggs, (because they are oh so comfy!!) and opened the door to pull out your trunk. You barely got it to the top of the stairs before giving up and kicking it. It thumped down the stairs, hitting the walls a few times, before coming to a stop at the bottom.

"Perfect!" you said happily.

"I told you not to do that!!" your dad yelled, coming into view from the kitchen.

"It slipped! Chillax daddy, you'll pop a blood vessel or something." you said, skipping down the stairs. You kissed him on the cheek before heading into the kitchen.

"Ha ha ha... You can't act that way at school this year! I will not have another note from Dumbledore saying you're misbehaving."

"Daddy I'm an angel." you said sweetly. Justin snorted into his pancakes. You turned to hit him but your mother set a plate in front of you and you were too hungry to care that much.

"It's my baby's last year of school!" she said, pulling you into a bone crushing hug.

"Mum!! Ahh! You're killing me!" she let go, but looked on the verge of tears. "You still have another year with Justin here." you pointed out. He shot you a glare. He didn't like being the youngest in the family. You smiled sweetly at him and patted him on the head. He hit your hand away and turned back to his food.

"You better get going!" your dad said, picking up his briefcase. Your mom took off her apron quickly and went to your things. You were getting up to follow Justin out when you were pulled to the side. "Andrea, a word?"

"Yeah?" you asked, confused.

"I know you don't like what we've decided on, but please just try." Your father pleaded. You looked down at your feet without answering. "Andy..." he sighed.

"Fine." you muttered.

"Dance is not a reliable plan, honey. Yes, you are good. But so many others are as well. If you work hard this year and focus on your studies instead of your dancing I can guarantee you a spot at the Ministry."

"Can I go now?" you asked shortly. Then, seeing the look on his face, you added, "Mum's waiting."

"Alright. I'll see you at Christmas." he said, hugging you. You hugged back weakly before letting go and walking out to the car.

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