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¡Hola a todos!

I just wanted to inform you all that this story is going to be under heavy editing and will be probably written in third-person perspective. 

I wrote this story when I was in college, and had no idea how formatting worked. I was starting my writing career, and over the years, my writing style has improved. I want this story to reflect that style. Additionally, I want to fix the plot holes and inconstant descriptions of the characters.

In this case, some parts of the story may be removed, and a new chapter may be added along the way. I'm going to start writing within this month. I'm thinking 2 chapters per 1 day.

So if you ever encounter some chapters that are written in 3rd person, and then suddenly, it switches to 1st person, most likely that chapter has not been updated yet.

I'm thankful go back to their story and have an opportunity to re-tell their story again.


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