Chapter 31 - Pierce's POV

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The moment I turned my back from Olivia, I knew I made a huge mistake. I couldn't take it back. My emotions spiraled all over which made this situation more confusing than ever. It felt that my entire life was all a big fat lie. I never thought my father would put this kind of effort for me.

When I found the package that had my name written on it, my whole body went cold from apprehension. The first thought that came into mind was how Olivia could betray me like this. I knew the package was from my father. I had memorized his hand writing from looking at it over and over when I received the only birthday card he had given me when I was a child.

Once I opened the package, there was a black leather book, two white envelopes and a bundle of unopened letters that were tied together which looked old and tattered. The white envelopes had my name and my mother's name on it. This must be his last words for us since it looked like that he just recently wrote and sealed it in. I had been expecting to receive some kind of letter from him the moment I set foot on New York.

I had shifted my attention to the black leather book. It was thick and it made me curious as to what the contents of this book held. I slowly opened the book and it surprised me that it was a photo album. The first photo I saw was of me during my football match. I had kicked the ball as hard as I could so I would have made the goal. This was when I was around eight years of age. The rest of the photos were all of me during my childhood days. Flipping through the album, I saw one of my recent photos of me during my graduation in Oxford. I had smiled brightly beside mum while she tried to fix my toga.

I couldn't believe what I was seeing. My father had secretly spied on me all of these years. A lot of unnerving questions flooded my mind. Why would he do this? Couldn't he just approach me like a normal father would?

"...Goodbye, Pierce." Olivia's voice rang through my head. I didn't know what just happened. My mind was clouded the moment I saw what my father had just revealed to me. What the fuck did I just do? As I heard Olivia telling me goodbye with finality in her voice, I wanted to turn around and hold onto her. I spun around to call her back but the elevator doors had already closed. I was already too late.

I was conflicted with what I should do, literally fucking up everyhting. This was too much to handle in one day. I felt angry, confused, hurt and lost all at the same time. I needed Olivia but I just pushed her away and accused her of something that I knew she didn't mean to keep from me. I even made her despise me. Bringing my hands to my face, I groaned as my head pounded from processing this newly acquired information.

My hands were shaking as I turned the knob while I entered my office. The grip on my father's letters was held tightly. I needed a drink. I didn't want to look into these letters right now, not wanting to reveal any more life changing information. I stuffed everything inside a drawer of my desk and left the office.

It was just around nine in the morning when I left, searching for a bar that was open around this time. When I found a small bar and restaurant that was located at the outskirts of the city, I pulled over. Luckily, they were open at this time of day. I entered the establishment and wrinkled my nose as I smelled stale cigarette smoke. I sat on the counter and a woman dressed in a tight white shirt with a heavy set of make-up approached me.

"Isn't it too early for you to get a drink?" She gave me pointed look as she saw that I was wearing a business suit. The way she asked me was as if this wasn't a normal occurrence. I bet a lot of people needed a drink at this hour to relieve some stress no matter what their occupation may be.

Not really having the time to argue. "Just get me a damn shot!" I barked as I slammed my fist on the counter for the second time this morning. She scurried off to get my drink as I raised my voice at her. After a few minutes, she served me with a glass of bourbon. I downed it in one gulp and asked for another one. The smooth alcohol traveled down my throat as I felt its heat at how strong it was.

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