Chapter 22: How Much Is It?

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Regarding Yang Yang's description, obviously, Monta couldn't accept it. "Didn't you say it looks like a spider's web? Why did it become a humanoid object in a blink of an eye? In your eyes, I don't look like a person?

Yang Yang glanced at the white plaster in front of him, "Yeah."

Monta: "..."

Gu Lita pushed Monta away, walked to Yang Yang and asked, "What about me?"

Yang Yang took a sharp breath and choked!

Gu Lita raised her eyebrows when she saw Yang Yang's reaction. "So I still look like I'm covered with white capillaries?"

Yang Yang closed his eyes and nodded. "Yes."

Gu Lita opened her notepad and asked with excitement, "Tell me more specifically, does the Soul Power you see completely coincide with the blood vessels?"

Yang Yang: "..."

Gu Lita raised an eyebrow. "Do you still want your isolation glasses? Open your eyes."

Yang Yang: "..."

Yang Yang sighed and said, "Then can you stay still?"

Gu Lita: "Sure."

Thus, Yang Yang slowly opened his eyes and slowly moved his gaze from Gu Lita's forehead to her cheeks.

After watching for a while, Yang Yang looked away and looked at the ground. He was physically and mentally exhausted, saying, "The core of your Soul Power is in your abdomen and tree-like shaped lines are gushing all over your body. The lines are white and bright, which varies in sizes. I can see things flowing at a very slow speed in the thicker lines. ㅡBut they will move as you move and those things will flow faster."

Gu Lita took a note of this and paused her hand, then asked, "Will they run out of my skin if I move?"

Yang Yang shook his head. "No. Uhㅡ"

After a moment of thinking, Yang Yang suddenly had a flash of inspiration. "Ah, it looked like a humanoid colored glass container filled with white nematodes."

Gu Lita, who immediately went to imagine the image: “…”

After Yang Yang had finished describing the image, he immediately felt grossed and explained weakly, "You asked me to describe it."

Gu Lita was angry and felt funny at the same time. She closed her notepad and said, "Okay, since you have described it so accurately, then you have to show it to us. ㅡMonta, go and call He Shu's guards to the rest area. Also, tell Byrd and He Shu to come here as well."

Yang Yang guessed what she was trying to do and said "I don't want to see it."

Gu Lita: "Glasses."

Yang Yang: "..."


Heshu's guards are all from the Soul Cable Star. As the famous National Battle Field Planet, the elite guards selected from there are naturally not bad.

It was said that all of them are more than 1.86 meters tall, with good facial features, tough temperament and strong physique.

Yang Yang sat on the sofa with his eyes closed, listening to the sound of neat leather boots stepping on the ground, he inexplicably remembered the soldiers in his world.

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