Chapter 1

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How would you imagine a photographer, probably with a camera hanging by their neck and a backpack everywhere they go. Photographers are of many types, yes types. I am just one of them, usually photographer takes the photo's of everything including people but I take photo's excluding people. Not that I hate people but I want to explore around the world and see the beauty in different forms and capture them into memories in the form 'Photographs'. It's always been my dream job to wander around places and become a photographer and now seeing as I fulfilled my dreams makes me so proud and happy.

I live in Atlanta, America. My life is just what I imagined it to be like. I share an apartment with my friend Priscilla who is also a photographer but the difference is she only takes a photographs of People, very famous people. We both rarely meet each other as I am always on adventure and she is busy with famous people.

Although we both stay in the same apartment we hardly get to see each other. Most of the time I am out of America busy exploring The Beautiful world. During the holidays she is with her boyfriend Harry which I might say is a very good guy with a gentleman personality.

I wish I could have a boyfriend but not everyone gets what they want, there is something always incomplete in everyone's life whether it is love, job or family. Though in my case its two things. My friends have set me up with few blind dates with guys but no one had that spark which I am looking for.

This time I will be visiting London. Yes! I haven't been to London although I visited many places before, thanks to Thomas. He is my senior but more like my friend and being his favorite photographer I don't have to worry about booking and stuffs. He decides where I will be going next and all the arrangements are done by him. My job is to roam around the place and give him the best photographs, so far I haven't disappointed him and I wish I never.

It was nine in the morning and I was packing my stuffs into my bag for tonight's flight to London when my phone started ringing. I took it from the table to check the caller ID, Priscilla. She had left early in the morning today for a shoot.

"Hey! Priscilla what's up?" I answered balancing my phone between my shoulder and an ear while stuffing my clothes into my bag.

"Well.. I just called to inform you that I will be coming late tonight as Harry decided to take me out on a dinner after I am done with the shoot." she said excitedly and I smiled lightly.

"At what time?" I asked.

"Maybe around ten."

"Okay then we will meet after five days." I took the phone and held it to my left ear resting my hand on the pile of clothes sitting next to me. I seriously need to stop buying new clothes.

"Aha! where to this time?"I laughed this girl and her childishness.

"London this time and my flight is of eight-fifty, tonight."  I answered struggling to zip the bag close. Should I really take this much for five days? I mean my bag is practically throwing up.

"Have fun Eves, see you after five days." Her voice pulled me out of my little debate with myself.

"Yeah and say Hi to your Gentlemen." I said teasingly as she laughed and ended the call. 

After starring hard for full five minutes at my bag I finally decided not to add or remove anymore clothes. What if I ruined my clothes as I have a tendency to spill drinks on my clothes no matter how much precaution I take. With lot of struggle I finally zipped my bags close and was literally panting after doing it. Man! that was some real workout, maybe I should join a gym I am getting so out of figure.

I then stood up and made my way towards my favorite place, kitchen to make some breakfast for myself after all that was some serious exercise I did back there. Who knew even zipping a bag could be a tiring task.


I decided to order a pizza as it was just Six in the evening so that I don't have to have my dinner in the plane. I always feel like I would throw up in the flight with or without food in my system.

My pizza arrived after thirty minutes and as soon as I opened the box all hell broke loose and I started stuffing the cheesy goodness into my mouth one after the other. If someone sees me now they would think I haven't had anything to eat in ages. I turned on the television and started flipping the channels until I settle for some movie. After I was done with the pizza I was sprawled onto my couch which felt too comfortable right now. Damn I could spend my whole life like this but I have to catch a flight tonight.

My phone rang somewhere, I lazily looked around but found it nowhere probably one of the idiots would be calling me. I then felt something buzzing underneath me, my phone! I quickly answered the call before it ends.

"Hey Eves, where are you?" Liam's voice questioned.

"Will be leaving for London in an hour or so." I said.

"What! God I envy your life so much right now, lucky girl." He chuckled lightly I laughed back.

"I am so bored right now, so I'll come to drop you at the airport." He said and I frowned,"Why are you so bored? Where is your girlfriend?"

"She went to meet her parents they invited her to have a dinner with them." He answered.

"Oh! Okay then are you coming here or directly at the airport?"

"I am free right now so I will come at your place and then I will drop you at the airport?"

"Okay no problem."

"I will be there in ten keep something to eat I am hungry." He said and ended the call before I can reply. Great! Can't he call a little early? now I have to order another pizza.


Story will get better just stick to it for now. Thank you x

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