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The air was cool and crisp as George stood on the balcony. He held a drink in his hand, watching as the wind drew ripples into the liquid. For some reason, George couldn't fathom where or why he was there. In fact, when he looked out into the distance, the world only seemed to blur and fade away. 

But as he took a quick glance beside him, he noticed a familiar figure. George couldn't do anything but stare. The man that mysteriously stood beside him wore a yellow(or possibly green? George couldn't tell) hoodie and black jeans. Normally he wouldn't be captivated by such a bland fit, but this guy was different. A white mask with a cheaply drawn on smiley face was strapped onto the mans head. Tufts of silky blonde hair could be seen protruding outside of it's edges, bobbing up and down in the wind.

 "Dream?" he questioned.

The response confirmed it, "Yeah George?"

George felt as if he should be shocked, but for some strange reason, he wasn't. The scene around him; the balcony, the distance mumbling voices from the building behind them, even the suit he was wearing all just seemed to make sense. 

"Is something wrong, George?" Dream asked.

"No, just thinking." 

"Hm? What about?"

"You." George stared at the Dream's mask.

"Oh?" George could sense a shift in Dreams tone, "Really? What about me?"

George felt his limbs move on their own as he spoke, "Everything. Your voice, demeanor, personality, your laugh...and your face,"

George's hands settled on the edges of Dream's smiling mask. His fingertips felt the cool surface of the plastic, tugging ever so slightly upwards. Dream's hands met George's, gliding themselves across his arms and meeting up to his fingernails. 

George shivered at the touch. 

"You wanna see my face?" Dream whispered in a seductive tone. 

"Yes," George breathlessly whispered.

Dream's hands began to guide George's and together they pulled upwards. But just before the mask could be pulled above Dream's eyes, he stopped.

"George, you need to answer me," Dream's voice was demanding.

George tilted his head in confusion, but nodded to let Dream continue with his question.

"Do you love me?"

"Yes,"  George showed no hesitation, "Do you love me?"

Dream's lips upturned into a playful smirk. George could only stand still, his heart beating a million miles a second, as Dream leaned forward into his ear. They were so close, George could feel Dream's hot breath against his neck. He shivered, leaning ever so slightly into Dream.

"George..." Dream's voice was deep, "Of course I don't love you."

It was as if someone pulled a rug from under him. George felt himself go cold, "What?"

Dream violently pushed George away, breaking out into bellows of laughter. George felt as if his body were turned into lead: he couldn't move. All he could do was helplessly stand there and watch as Dream manically cackled.

Through his fit, Dream gasped for air, "You think I could love you? You, George? You're so fucking stupid."

George felt himself cry. He silently begged himself to stop, but the tears kept coming. "Why?"

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