{12} Before the Incident

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"Hey, who's that?" 

"Dunno, but she looks pretty tough."

"You don't want to mess with her...nah I gotta, it'll we worth it."

The scouts watched as a new girl walked out of the room with the well known Mikasa Ackerman. She lead her to a table with the people from earlier, well actually...she met years back.

She sat with a loaf of bread in front of Armin, Eren, Mikasa, and worst of all Levi. She tore a piece and popped it in her mouth without saying anything. Realizing the whole table had been staring at her, she stared back. It must've been because she finally took off her cloak and revealed her face but- oh it was another facade.

"A-anno ne," She gazed over at Armin with an eyebrow raised. "What's your name?"

"Mika Nanoki." She responded almost immediately. "Nice to meet you Mika. I'm Armin Arlert, this is Eren Jeager, Mikasa Ackerman and him over there-" he pointed at the man looking at her, "-is our squad leader Levi Ackerman." 

She tore of another peice and ate silently. "Arlert." She said. 

He percked up when she called his name, "Eh?"

"Crouch." He was confused until he saw the bread in her hand in an aiming stance, he ducked and it flew straight overhead. 

"Arigatou miss!" He stared back when he saw the potato girl jogging up to them with the bread in hand. "Ah! You must be the new person everyone was talking about!"

She skidded to the side and held out a hand, "Nice to meet ya! I'm Sasha Blouse!" Mika gave her a blank look, "Mika." 

Instead of shaking hands, Sasha pat her shoulder with a grin. "Thanks for the bread! I'll see ya around then."

Everyone just kept their mouths shut, until Eren spoke up. "Why are your glasses tinted?" That made Mika freeze. Levi's lips pressed into a straight line.

"I-I...." She stuttered silently. "No reason really." 

"Well that's great because I found a pair you might like!" Eren said and took out a great looking pair. It was almost the same one she had, but with the dark moss green outline of the wings of freedom. He passed it on to her and underneath the shades, her eyes widened. Then Eren set out a small mirror. "Arigatou."

Without view-able hesitation, she tore of her glasses.

Disappear, please. She thought.

And as she willed, it did. Her eye color was now the same neon green as it had been, not the other color...purple. 

"I do say, you have pretty eyes." Another voice from the left.  Indeed, Mika had such beautiful eyes yet the group didn't dare to say. Except for, you know...the horse.

"Thanks." She mumbled, taking it lightly. Quickly putting on the other glasses, she had to remind herself there was no shade, they could see clearly.

"Is it that natural? Why are your lashes so long?"

Mika nodded at the first part and shrugged at the second.

"Ah, my name's Jean. I heard yours is Mika Nanoki." 

Mika shot an obviously glare at him and he raised his hands in surrender. But then she remembered, it's not going to last forever. 

She quickly stood up, "I gotta go." With that she sped off to the closest room.

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