{11} After the Incident

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A few weeks later, I found myself racing against a hooded figure. Isabel and Farlan had stayed behind, saying they have 'things' to check out that they've missed since they *clears throat* died. Apparently, leaving me was a great choice- and the best way to get captured. At the edge of the roof I was running on, I clicked once, sending a line of wire through the skies and clamping onto to a tall church nearby. The next thing I knew, I leaped- thinking I would swing as I usually did yet instead, a blur of green had filled my vision. Turning to my shoulder in protection, I crashed into a stiff figure. Before I knew it, I was falling. The grappling hook cut off- and my hood uncovering releasing all the hair I had tucked under it.

Then- for awhile, it was pitch black.

And just as I thought  could move again- I tried. I coughed, worse than I had my entire life. I could smell gunpowder, leather, and damp sorts of chemicals. I could feel ropes binding my wrists together behind me, and my legs tight. My shoulder rested hard on the cold floor, all the weight pressed onto it causing my arm to be numb. The surging pain traveled to find my fingers entwined with something....someone's hand. 

You're holding hands with a stranger. 

My eye flew wide open and my feet immediately went straight to the figure.



He managed to block it.

"Who are you and where am I?" I asked, it was odd I was facing the opposite way. The familiar voice surprised me, and gave me a  more comfortable feeling.

"M-my name's Eren Jeager, part of the Survey Corps. You're hand seemed frozen and I just wanted to test the temperature and-"

"Okay." I breathed out. They've caught me, but they don't know who I am. Farlan and Isabel were brought back to the Brigade, I'll have to sort this out myself. 


I flipped to the other side, expecting to see him again but-

"Speak of the devil." I cursed.

Mr. Ackerman just had to be standing casually on guard.  "I don't need to give my name. I'm in charge, just tell us where you got this gear."

"Beats me."

His eyes narrowed down to a slint and I could tell he was willing to slice me up in neat little cloths of fury. Mine traveled down to the 3DMG on the ground at his feet with a sigh.

"I work for the Scout Brigade, that's all you need to know."

The others glanced skeptically, "Scout Brigade? There was such thing?" Armin asked. I nodded. 

"It's one of the most classified organizations, and as matter of fact one of the branches of this system." Levi snickered, "Never heard of such. I would have if I was put in the higher position, which I am."

I rolled my eyes, "Oh please, do what you wan't-"

"-Would you join us?"

The quick questioned made me glance up at him, since I was still on the floor. If I was standing I would be towering and-

"What makes you think I would?"

"I didn't think anything yet." He snapped. "Just answer."

I thought for a second. "What benefits do I get from it anyway?" I asked. 

"I suppose everything you get from the Scout Brigade,"

"You could work for both, the captain of the division wouldn't have to know." It was Mikasa who spoke up now. "Ahh, that would be nice." I agreed, although I was in fact the Captain of the Division. Of the whole 'thing,' what more.

"Fine I'd do whatever you say just get these ropes off me." I gestured to my ankles. It was funny how they hadn't thought of taking of my hood, sure it was the uniform similar to theirs but I could be any criminal.

"Here." Eren cut the ropes and helped with the bottom ones, but I could still feel the peircing gaze Levi was giving me on my back. 

"Could I ask your name?" Eren asked. I could've tensed to easily yet I rolled my shoulders back and faked a yawn. "Just call me Mika." I said casually bringing out a hand. "But don't expect me to be nice to any of your-" I eyed them for effect "-friends."

He gulped.

"Here, your new uniform." We were in a new room, it was clean and known as the...you know, "Rest Room." Mikasa held up the same thing I wore everyday but with a different logo and green overcoat. I stayed silent.

I took the hanger and closed the door. 

After getting changed I stared at the mirror. "Maybe it's time for a new look?" I thought. 

"SNIP!" A large amount of auburn hair fell to the floor and dissapeared. It was shorter but long enough to braid down my shoulder. I Added some clips to keep my bangs another direction. 

My only problem was my hearing aid and my eye patch.

I groaned and pulled out a pair of useless tinted glasses and adjusted it, then shut my eyes. Carefully taking off the dark eye patch.


"Why is my eye this color?!" All Pixis could do was watch as the young girl started to shake uncontrollably. He took a long time just to get here to watch her take the cover off for the first time.

It was glowing wisps of smoke outlined it too. "This isn't right, I'm not taking it off ever again. It's my secret." He heard her say. But he knew she would one day soon learn that it wasn't just like that. There was always a reason behind things, and that meant she was different...she had something like Eren. 

I stared at myself in the mirror. It wasn't me, at all. No trace behind. The patch was safe, but I looked...normal. Nothing wrong with my eyes or ears.

Well, my ear piece I changed. Instead, it was inside my ear hole, and the same skin toned texture. 

"Are you ready?" Mikasa asked from outside. "Uh huh.."

I made sure everything was right before I draped the green coat over me. 

Let's see how far I can fool them. 

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