Chapter Twenty Four

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When morning came, Simona shook me awake – to my utter relief. I didn’t fancy another wake-up call that involved waving burning sticks of incense in my face.

‘Morning Eve,’ Simona said once I had managed to fall into consciousness, ‘Sorry about yesterday night.’

‘Oh, no problem…’ I dismissed, avoiding her eyes. I rolled myself out of bed and walked to my wardrobe.

‘Are you angry with me?’

I shook my head, ‘No… it’s your choice if you want to share something with me.’ My voice was dull and barely audible as I pulled the wooden door open.

‘You have to understand, Eve, I’m not one for big, soul-bearing confessions. If I’m upset, I hash it out and move on. If there’s something getting me down, I forget it. You’re only going to live once and I’d rather it wasn’t a life full of depression and living in the past. Sorry if that upsets you but I just want to tell you. No offence but you should really forget about me telling you any more about Night.’

My hands pulled out my grey uniform and shut the door. I turned around to find Simona looking at me woodenly. ‘That’s okay.’

‘What?’ Simona’s gave me an incredulous look. ‘Are you sure?’

‘Yeah. I can’t force you to do anything. Besides, I’ve only known you for a few days; I can’t expect you to tell me anything just now – if ever.’

Simona’s face relaxed, ‘Thanks, Eve. Glad you understand.’

‘No problem.’ I looked away from her, ‘I’ll see you later.’

I pulled my bath bag from its hook and made my way to the girls’ bathroom.


After a short shower, I walked to the canteen alone. Simona hadn’t come to meet me and I couldn’t have cared less. I knew it was mean to get in a mood because she didn’t want to tell me about herself but I had told her about my parents. It seemed fair for her to tell me about herself.

I picked an apple from the basket by the food counter and took a bite while looking for a familiar face. Alice and Ember were sitting together on a table, looking absorbed in a conversation between themselves. I looked past them and continued scanning the canteen.

A feeling of disappointment sank heavily in my gut as I realised that the person I’d been looking for wasn’t here. Of course Alfie wouldn’t be here; he was in Prospectus.

I sighed and walked to Alice and Ember’s table dejectedly.

‘Hey, Eve!’ Ember chirped, grinning up at me. Alice offered me a smile, and I ceased to be surprised. Strangely enough, it seemed I was used to her mood changes already.

‘Hi guys.’ I returned Ember’s grin but ignored Alice.

‘Is that all you’re eating?’ Ember asked, giving the apple a concerned look.

I shrugged, ‘Meh, I’m not really hungry.’ I looked down, noticing her already empty bowl of cereal.

‘Are you sure?’

I opened my mouth to reply ‘Yes.’ But was interrupted by Alice, who engaged Ember in conversation again.

I rolled my eyes at her immaturity, ‘Actually, I think I’ll just head down to Mathematics early. Bye.’

Ember waved at me, and Alice sent me a smug look, before returning to her present conversation.

I walked to my Maths classroom, fuming at Alice’s rudeness and Ember’s oblivious attitude. It really made me angry.

I didn’t pay attention throughout the lesson, but I wasn’t learning anything new; apparently ‘magic’ folk worked at slower paces than ‘humans’ did, and I ended up learning about Pythagoras’ Theorem, something I had already learned in Year Eight.

As soon as the bell went, I pushed through the crowds to get to my next class, Magical Ethics, the whole time wishing I knew more than just an enlargement spell. A flying spell would come in useful in flying above people’s heads and straight to class.

I got to class reasonably on time, maybe even early, and headed straight to my old spot. Along with everyone else, I repeated the same spell as the last time and found myself floating in the air.

Professor Lark welcomed us again and began the next lesson on the same topic as before; Vampire-Sorceror relationships.

I zoned out, as I had before. RS and Magical Ethics are closely tied; both are boring as heck.

Yayy... Another chapter in which she does absoloutely nothing at all.

I'm getting really depressed about my Total. Inability. To. Write.

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