*Charlotte's POV*

The next morning Matthew drove me to Sophie's, our hands never letting go of each other's. He pulled up to the curb of her house and he kissed my hand then let go. "Bye Charlotte." Matthew called smiling as I walked up to Sophie's porch. I looked at the ground and smiled. "Bye, Matthew." I said back. He winked, then pulled the car away. I opened the door to Sophie's house and bolted up stairs squealing. She was sitting on her bed reading something on her phone (most likely a 5sos fanfic). I started fangirling and dancing in circles and Sophie started laughing and got up to dance too. "Oh my gosh oh my gosh !!!" I yelled. We both fell on the floor laughing from dizziness and I sat up. "Okay okay; what happened???!!" Sophie exclaimed. "Girrllls keep it down alright?" Sophie's mom called. "Yes mom!" Sophie yelled back. She turned back to me with a grin on her face. "Okay so what happened??" Sophie asked again more quietly. I looked at the ground sheepishly and touched my lips. I could still feel the warmth of him and the softness and sweetness. Sophie gasped amazed. "Charlotte... You did NOT!" Sophie teased. I looked at her astonished and threw a pillow at her. "No you idiot! We just... Fell asleep." I said, remembering every moment of last night. Nothing more happened, honestly, we just fell asleep. Sophie smirked. "Yeah fell asleep..." She raised her eyebrows up and down. I hit her with the pillow again and she snickered. "No I'm serious! I just wanted to fall asleep in his arms, and I did..." I shrugged acting like it was no big deal, even though it was the most special thing that's ever happened to me. "Awwweee!" Sophie cooed. I blushed and lay on my back sighing. I don't think I've ever felt better in my life. The moment I saw him i keep replaying over and over again in my head. The way he smiled, the way his embrace brought so much comfort, the way he kissed me... The bruises on him, the cuts.. My smile turned to a frown and I sat up alert. "Dang girl that was a fast mood swing. What's the matter?" Sophie asked curious and concerned. I remembered how he was walking favoring his left leg more than his right. I put my hand over my mouth thinking about every detail. "Matthew- he- he went to his parents house." I told her. Sophie opened her mouth remembering the information I had told her about them. "Yeah... And they hurt him. Like, bad. I think it's gotten worse than it was." I explained all the details and my happiness slowly turned to anger. No one gets to hurt him, no one. At least not while I'm around. After 10 minutes, Sophie finally spoke. "We have to do something about it." She sighed. I grit my teeth and tightened my jaw. "No." I said. "I have to do something about it."

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