9_His Demeanor

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The sound of the cock crowing woke me out of my sleep. It had been long night. Especially, considering what had happened. I still couldn't believe that it.

How could I have been so stupid? He could've been doing God knows what in his room last night. After all, it was his room.

By the look on his face last night when he came into the kitchen, I gathered that Daniel must have been starving. He been out all day and had not returned until later in the evening. I thought it would be nice to offer him a plate. If he didn't want it, well I'd just leave him be.

How was I to know that I would discover his half-naked form sleeping? I cringed at the thought that I was clumsy enough to allow a plate of food to slip from my fingers and crash to the floor below. I couldn't get out of there fast enough.

I'd seen many men shirtless from working on some farms in the past but they did little phase me. In Daniel's case, he had such a chiseled form that I found that my hands itched to touch him. I was stomped. It's good that I got out of his room as fast as humanly possible because I don't know how I would recover from him.

It was no secret that Daniel Andrews was a very charismatic, gorgeous and intelligent man—at least when he wanted to be. If I couldn't stand to hold his silver gaze for one measly second, how would I ever look at him again after that experience?

No ... I couldn't. I wouldn't but thank God he wasn't, so I can. Can look him in the eyes that is. I roused myself from my bed and found my fuzzy slippers, donning my robe and stretching as I did. I slept a good few hours but tiredness still hung over me like a dark cloud.

A shower cured me of sleep. I was starving. I took care of my hygiene before I met Bell exiting her room, two doors from mine. We made our way to the kitchen, linked by the arms.

Upon entry, my feet became rooted to the ground. Bell slipped from my arm into a stool behind the kitchen counter. As though the scene before us was a regular occurrence.

Daniel stood preparing breakfast. Fully clothed this time. The aroma  brought my taste buds to life and caused my belly rumbled in anticipation. I clutched it as the memory of last night resurface. The tension increased ten fold as his gaze settled on me.

His features softened as he signaled for me to have a seat at the counter.  Not that Bell would notice. He had fixed her a plate and she was fixated on its contents, too busy devouring it to pay attention to anything else at the moment.

When I was sure that my limbs wouldn't turn to jelly under his tender gaze, I took a seat beside his sister. I didn't have much of a choice. The kitchen smelled amazing, so I had to swallow my pride and stay in his presence.

It was funny. Bell would rarely handle a pot but she wouldn't twice about eating what came from it.

Daniel approached the counter with a plate in tow, placing it gently before me, holding my gaze and as he left I recognized a piece of paper tucked neatly to the side of my plate. I was about to tell him he forgot it then I thought again, taking it and unfolding to read the words: I'm sorry. Forgive me.

When I looked up from it, I saw his eyes fixed on me. I couldn't help but blush then and he noticed as I caught mischievous glint in them along with smirk creeping unto his features. I avoided his gaze so that I had enough time to settle my nerves then I was calm and collected, looked to him again offering him a subtle nod in response.

His smirk turned into a full blown sexy grin that would make any girl melt inside and out. Not able to stand the weight of his gaze and the sexy smile anymore, I docked my head and helped myself to his cooking.

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