Living Again~ Twenty-Five

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"Oh." A long silence followed, I finally broke it. I surprised myself by saying, "I think he's right. We do need a break."

I don't know how I had the courage to say that. Because after all, Ethan was the wall I was  leaning against. He was my support. I had to admit, I  was depending upon him a lot, I relied on him to get me through the day. I needed to be myself again.

We talked for a little while longer then she left. I spent the rest of the day thinking about all the people I used to know and love, all those people I've just been ignoring. I sighed and made me way to Claire and Joe's room. I couldn't ignore my past forever...

By the time my 'chat' with them was over, we had planned a big family gathering at our house. Which was good... I hope. I had been avoiding these people for so long because I hated the pitiful looks I knew I would recieve. 

After that I got ready for school, since I wasn't moving back into the dorms I didn't have many forms to fill out. Once I was done with the preparation I went to sleep. I was going to see Ethan tomorrow. But somehow, my mind was too focused on the upcoming family event to think too much of Ethan's presence. This was a good thing.. right?


I ran through the hallways as the bell rung. Shit, I was going to be late! By the time I found my classroom the bell had stopped ringing. I barged into the room, gasping from all the running. The teacher, who I recognised as Ms Fay nodded at me and I quickly stumbled to any empty seat. It was then that I noticed all the whispering surrounding me. More than one pair of eyes were on me. Then I remembered. The last time they had seen me was when I was still in my depression phase or whatever it was. Since then I had gotten a complete makeover. 

I was feeling self-concious and annoyed at all the attention until someone sitting right beside me yelled out, "Dude. She's hot. Get over it."

I immediately turned my head to the right. I hadn't realised I was sitting next to Luke, I recognised him from Tyler's party. He was Bri's old friend. He gave me a half-smile and I laughed. After he had said that people had stopped staring, I quickly whispered a 'thanks' to him and his blue eyes seemed to light up with amusement, he winked in response then looked at the teacher. 

I stared ahead too, I knew Ethan was sitting somewhere behind me, probably in one of the back seats. I wanted so badly to turn around and run to him, but I didn't. The class finally ended and I gathered my stuff. I watched as Luke slung his bag over his shoulder smoothly then turn to me. I smiled at him but he just looked at me, as if he was studying me.

"What?" I asked, feeling self-concious.

He shook his head and smiled, "Nothing, you look a little distracted. Everything okay?"

"Yeah yeah. Everything's fine."

"Good. You know, it was great meeting you at the party that-" He was interrupted by someone clearing their throat loudly on purpose behind me. I knew it was Ethan. I felt him come up, I could feel the heat from his body, but I didn't turn around to look at him. Luke's gaze turned to somewhere above my head, Ethan was right behind me, our bodies touching slightly. Luke just smiled and said "Hey man. Well, I'll see you two around."

He walked off. I almost wanted to pull him back here so I didn't have to face Ethan. Now I was turning into nervous wreck. Great.

I just took a deep breath in and left the classroom. He was right on my heels. I went to my locker and opened it, put my books inside, along with my folder and water bottle and shut the locker. Then, finally, I turned around. He was there, leaning against the lockers patiently, his eyes not leaving mine. 

We didn't utter a word. Through this silence, his gaze turned more intense, I wondered if mine did too. I just wanted to close the distance between us and- 

But before I could frame that thought he grabbed my wrist and ran, dragging me along with him. He pulled me through a door then quickly shut it. It was dark in here. I think it was a storage room. I didn't have time to register our location because soon his lips were on mine and we were kissing each other like the world was ending tomorrow. My hands were in his hair and his were just everywhere. When we finally stopped, I was panting.

He looked into my eyes. "Hey."

I laughed. "Hi. I missed you."

"Missed you more." he kissed me again then pulled away saying, "I know I saw you last night but it feels like its been forever."

I nodded, completely understanding what he meant. I was loving this moment. I would face the drama all over again just to relive this little make-up session. But I knew what was coming...

He asked casually, "Bri talked to you?" I just nodded so he continued, "You think we should take a break?" I nodded again. He seemed shocked but composed himself. 

He sighed loudly, running his hands through his hair roughly. Then he took a step back, so we weren't touching then said, "Look at us. We won't be able to make it long without each other."

I laughed. It was so true. Then I thought of an idea which would work perfectly. "One week. We won't kiss or anything for one whole week. By then I would have pleased Claire with the whole family and friends stuff. And when the week ends, we'll do whatever we want!"

He smiled sadly, "One week. I'm gonna miss you a lot."

"Me too. It's gonna be an interesting week, huh?"

The bell rang indicating it was time for the next class. He groaned then grabbed my head and pulled me in for one last, long kiss. 

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