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"Harry," I heard Louis mutter as I stared down at my plate playing with the meatloaf not really having an appetite.

It has been days since my confrontation with Louis and Zayn and while Louis wanted to move past it, Zayn chose to give me the cold shoulder as if I didn't exist. I haven't seen Liam since then although we have shared various short calls and messages which never really took longer than five minutes since Liam was busy with the company's 50th anniversary so as CEO, he had to arrange everything.

I found it upsetting that I haven't had the chance to show Liam the mixtape I had a few days back. I was supposed to hand it to him the night we went out to this formal party but since things have been complicated, I couldn't will myself to do anything. I practically had to drag myself to work in the mornings and passed on work at night since the smallest hint of happiness I tried to create would be put off by Zayn seconds later. It was uncomfortable and I really didn't like it.

"If you aren't hungry might as well leave," Zayn muttered as he kept his gaze on his meatloaf. This made the grip on my fork tighten as I exhale a shaky breath before I stood up from the table and out of the house. I didn't know where I was going but honestly, I had this gut feeling as to where my feet would take me.


"Liam isn't here," Niall said as I frowned following him.

"Come on, I know he's here.. I just want to talk to him," I pleaded as I continued to follow Niall who pretended to be busy. I heard people whispering behind us as we passed but I chose to ignore them.

"Listen, if Liam hasn't contacted you, there isn't anything I can do," he kept his back to me as he held onto the files in his arms, a hand raised on the elevator button as he waited rather impatiently for it to descend.

As the elevator doors opened I saw Liam around various colleagues which was natural but as I continued to stare, I felt a sudden twitch in my eye as I saw a woman beside Liam, the woman's hands all over him as they talked. The woman was a tan color, her lips a bit trouty and her eyes were a shade of bright blue. I gritted my teeth as I heard her giggle while she brushed her brown hair behind her ear while she continued to look at Liam. She acted like a snake, slowly wrapping its body around its prey then crushing it slowly before taking deadly strikes. But that wasn't the most annoying thing, the most annoying thing was that Liam actually had an arm around the bitch too and it was making me really angry for some reason.

"Good morning Ms. Smith," Niall greeted almost too generously and I could see his smirk from the corner of my eye which pissed me off even more.

"Oh Niall, I told you to call me Sophia," she giggled which made me roll my eyes in utter disgust.

"Harry?" I heard Liam say and as I met his gaze, I nodded once before turning around to leave. "Hey no," I felt his hand on my arm as he led us away from Niall and 'Sophia' who started chatting away like good friends which I knew was all an act for Liam to see. It was pretty pathetic.

"It's been days since I saw you and you decide to pop up to stare at me and leave without a word?" Liam said, strain obvious in his tone as I shrugged keeping my gaze down.

"You're busy," I muttered as I fidgeted with my fingers.

"You know I'd always make time for you," Liam replied as I heard him sigh, "You only have to ask."

"No thanks, I don't want to get between you and that woman over there," I said rather shakily as I turned around to leave. I again felt Liam's hand on my arm and this time I forced myself to pull my arm away.

"Listen, you bought me gifts and took me out but that's all," I started and I half-expected Liam to say something but he didn't so I exhaled a shaky breath as I continued, "If you think there's hope for us you should stop," I turned to Liam, his face showing no emotion as I felt my eyes blur as I looked at him, "..because there isn't."

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