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*Outside the Counselor office
Russel's POV

We left Mr Philip office, Melissa went firstly, we let her go through the door first

Man you don't want to be dragging space with her

I love the scent in his office, the hallway smells like 🤮

"Thank you Melissa" Oscar called after Melissa, she didn't respond but kept walking

These Two?
Why did she cover up for him
He is a Bully😡
School eyes my foot

Oscar's friends surrounded him

Lying against me backfired but then


I am the last person she wants to talk to right now

"Am sorry Mona" she stoped in her track and turned to me
"I trusted you" she walked back to me "I trusted you Russel" she repeated

Was this the girl I met yesterday?
I mean my new friend
She is this Emotional😟

"Please Mona" i griped her hands and she pushed it away

Oh wow, have never ever beg a girl

"Am really sorry, I couldn't say no cause of Melissa-
"Do you hear yourself Russel

Yes loud and clear

"I thought I could trust Someone" she sniffed, her eyes were watery

Was she going to cry
Is just a warning for next time Mr Philip gave her in there 🤷🏻‍♂️
That goes for everybody, but hers was worst she had to sign a paper, I know nothing about 🤦🏻‍♂️

"...Someone, You, thought I could" she walked out
"Am sorry you trusted me and I failed you, am sorry" I shouted after her

Clearly she has trust issues, behind her looking strong enough, she made it clear, she can't trust people, so sad I threw that all away 🚮
She lied to me, but her explaining why she did so
is cool to be a hero🦸🏻‍♂️

Oscar Pov

I got out of Mr Philip office, seems like the bloggers already told the school cause my friends were standing feet's away from the office, they came to meet me

"Yo man you leaving Huh?" Donald asked
"You expelled-
"Suspended a week or two-

That what was suppose to happen well Melissa showed up, I didn't think about what I was going to lose before I even made a move damnnn😑

"Melissa saved my ass" I said answering all there questions at once
"You lucky bro-
"Real lucky-

Let's save the talk guys😌
Am lucky busuhhh bububu shii

*Bell rang for lunch

I looked at my wrist watch,

we been in that office for a real long tiiime

"That right, since second period" Ivan nodding his head

Did Ivan just read my mind🙄

"You guys go ahead, meet you up later" I told them

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