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Gabriella's POV

"It was all because of a bet."

"What? What are you talking about?" I asked confused. Looking around I saw his friends laughing at me.
"Do you really think I would actually date you? Everything that happened between us was because of a bet." Chris said. I looked desperately at him praying to Moongoddess that he's joking. I could hear my wolf crying.
"What?" I mumbled desperately again.
"What don't you get?!" Chris yelled at me. "You're ugly, weak, fat and just pathetic!" he yelled and everybody started laughing at me.
"But you love me! You said you love me!" I said while tears slide against my checks. Chris rolled his eyes annoyed.

"I Christian Hall reject you Gabriella Parker as a mate." my wolf howl in pain as I fell on the floor holding my chest. Everything in the room started spinning, all I can hear is the laughter.

I screamed as I woke up from yet another flashback.

"Hey hey Gabby it's okay." I hear Lucas say and pull me in a hug. I sobbed in his chest as I remembered the memories. "It's okay, I'm here. shh."

When I calmed down I pull away from Lucas and look at his face, his eyes are full of disappointment and anger. "Are you gonna tell me what happened? I deserve to know Gabby!"
"I'm sorry, I'm so sorry." I repeat my self.
"C'mon you can tell me, it will be better if you talk to me." Lucas said.
"Okay." I mumbled.

"C'mon I have known you for five years Gabby! You're my best friend no you're my sister I will be there for you always remember that."

"Okay, so where do you want me to start?" I said wimping my face.
"From the beginning." Lucas said
"Okay." I mumbled "this is the first time I'm talking about this."
"I know, but you can do this, you have been hiding what happened from me for the past five years."

"Okay, so when I was fifteen I met my mate." I started crying again.

"He was absolutely perfect, he was gorgeous, he had perfect eyes and his smile. He was also the most popular guy in our school. I was freshman and he was senior, but that didn't mean anything. I was nerd but I looked average I wasn't beautiful but I wasn't ugly, I was quite and shy. We started dating like normal mates and everything was perfect I was in love, we were that cute high school couple. He played the guitar and sang, so he tought me to play the guitar and we would always sing songs to the pups. Everything was perfect, too perfect." I mumbled the last part.

"One night after our date we started making out and at the end I gave him my virginity and told him that I love him. Next morning when I woke up he wasn't there, he avoided me for couple of days and one morning I found out I was pregnant. I was scared because I was only fifteen but also I was happy. I waited for him in front of the school to tell him but I never got the chance, he told me that everything was because of a bet and he rejected me." I wimped.

"And you know the rest of the story."
"WHAT?" Lucas yelled. He was shaking and his eyes were getting darker.

"Please calm down Luca. You're gonna wake up the twins."
"Fuck." He started breathing hard trying to calm down his wolf. "I can't fucking believe he did that!" I just stayed quite not knowing what to say. "Who is he?" I shake my head not wanting to tell him. "C'mon Gabby please tell me who is it."

"Christian Hall." I whispered but he heard me.

"What?" He whisper yelled. "The Christian Hall?"
"Yeah." I mumbled.

"What the fuck? So you are his mate?"
"Ex-mate." I said.
"So you're the reason?" I laughed bitterly at that.
"No, he's just heartless bastard, always was always will be."
"Fucking hell, you know he will kill me if he saw me with you." Lucas said.
"He won't ever find me, I'm hiding for the last five years, he's not gonna find me now." I said.

"Okay okay we will talk about this in the morning." Lucas kissed my forehead and mumbled "good night."


"Mommy, mommy!" Twins yelled running to hug me. I giggled softly as they fought who's gonna hug me first.

"Boys, don't fight." I said looking at the two replicas of my ex-mate. They both have curly blond hair and blue eyes, both of them are really tall for their age. Only thing that's different is that Blake has dimple on his left check and Blaze has a dimple on his right check.

"There you two are! Go get ready we're going to the play ground!"
"Okay Uncle Luca." They said and ran to their bedroom.

"They look exactly like that bastard! How couldn't I see it before?" Lucas said. I just shrugged and continue making breakfast. "Oh maybe because they have a soul and a heart?"

I just laughed at Lucas comment.
"I know, I always wondered how couldn't you see the similarity I mean they look nothing like me, they just have curly hair like me."

"Ugh! So what are you making."
"Eggs and bacon." I answered him.
"Nice." Lucas said.

"I can't wait to go to the Disneyland."
"You're such a kid Luca." I smiled at him.
"Somebody has to."
"We already have two kids in the house I don't need another one."

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