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this page will be a bulk list of good resources! feel free to add your own in the comments :)


for info on their experiences: tiedyesocksndracomalfoy, imaginaryworldd, kazrolina, lexerose, jackieshinedown69 ( she also has a script template in her bio!)

for info on shifting: awhmalfoys (I luv her, her videos are very informative  and educational, and her general vibe is so sweet and positive!!), shifting__malfoy, godofwaves, shiftingxrealities1, denkis_bodyguard, amandar0s3, lexerose, levicourpus.

YOUTUBERS: Sydney Lorrain

WATTPAD USERS : Faithmalfoylol, blxue_bunii, blxue_bunii, awhmalfoys.

                                                                  i hope these are helpful!!

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