.:Chapter Eight:.

I slowly open my eyes and sigh in relief at the sunlight peeking out through the curtains. Thank god that it's finally morning; it took me forever to finally fall asleep last night. I know it's only been a few nights that Louis and I have been sleeping together but it just felt weird not sleeping with him.

I slowly sit up and get out of bed, rubbing my eyes tiredly. I don't think much of where I walk and soon enough I find myself in Louis' room. I notice he's still sleeping and my mind takes over and before I know it; I'm suddenly under his covers and snuggling up to him. Louis moves only a bit and mumbles under his breath, cuddling up to me as well as if he's searching for warmth.

I feel myself smiling and I wrap my arms around his waist; pulling him closer. Louis mumbles something and buries his face in the crook of my neck, making my cheeks blush. I rest my head on top of his and smile as I slowly close my eyes, hoping to fall back asleep soon.

I feel myself slowly drifting off to sleep but something poking me on my thigh wakes me up. I open my eyes and yawn, looking down but not noticing anything. It's too dark to see anything clearly but the poking remains there. I start to wonder what it could be when I feel it poke harder than before.

I slowly start to pull up the covers – my curiosity killing me – but quickly stop when Louis lets out a soft moan and cuddles closer to me. I freeze and my eyes widen. Could it be that the thing poking me is . . .? No! It couldn't be! It just couldn't be!

I slowly put the covers back down and Louis moves a bit more; making it very obvious that it is in fact what I thought it is. It's now poking me in a higher place and it seems like it keeps getting closer to my crotch. I feel my entire body heat up and my brain can't seem to process what's happening around here. I don't know what to do or what would be the right thing to do.

Louis moans into my neck and I honestly think I make an inhumane sound in response to that. Louis doesn't seem to hear me because he doesn't do anything about it; instead he just starts moving up and down against me and I start to realize what he's doing.




I don't know if I should be happy that this is happening to me because I like him or if I should be scared and nervous because he's asleep and I don't know what will happen when he wakes up. Oh my god what if he . . .?

Oh shut it Harry! Calm down, it'll be fine. You just need to chill out, I tell myself in my mind. Just calm down and don't pass out! You can get through this and you'll find an excuse or tell him something, he can't get mad because it's him doing this.

As I continue thinking hard about this, something else of mine gets hard. I gulp and shut my eyes, not wanting to think about it. Of course I would get hard from this; this just adds on to the situation to make it worse because this is my life. Fuck.

"Mmm," Louis moans into my neck, making a few small groans as well in the process.

I feel beads of sweat gather on my forehead and I gulp. Half of my mind wants to do the same Louis' doing and the other just wants to run away. The right thing would be to run away but I'd prefer the first option. I'm a sick bastard, I know; wanting to get off at Louis while he's sleeping. I'm going to need to bathe in holy water tonight to get all of this out of my system.

"Louis," I say softly, trying a new idea. "Louis wake up, you need to get up!"

Louis just moans once more and his body rocks more against mine with a brand new force. I practically choke on my own saliva and I pull my shirt away from my neck – even though it's a V-neck and it's nowhere near my neck.

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