“Welcome back students! As you may have noticed, the arena has been changed! This will only be temporary. To begin your second year at Abled University, we will be starting you all off with a test! This test will be a test of survivors! Every single one of you will go into the glass box, alone, and I will configure the settings to the type of environment that you have the most difficulty with your ability. You’re job is to survive... plain and simple. Show us how you would survive and I will either pass or fail you. Just remember... this will be a way of thinking how well you can survive in the real world”

My eyes widened at Coach Shulk’s announcement. This was definitely interesting, and slightly dangerous. I wondered what she meant about ‘configuring the setting to the type of environment’; did this mean they throw water at Fire-abled people? To say I was excited and intrigued was an understatement.

“Alright! Let’s get started!” She boomed. “First up to try out the test is Derrek Calor!”  

I turned my head to Derrek sitting next to me and I saw him sigh deeply as he leaned back into his seat, completely ignoring the coach. “Derrek... she called you” I whispered, nudging him with my elbow only to receive a shrug from him.

“DERREK CALOR! GET YOUR BEHIND UP HERE!” She shouted, though it wasn’t much louder than her normal ‘talking’. Derrek grumbled and his golden eyes blazed before he stood up and stalked over to the glass box. “’Bout time... Alright Derrek get in there”

Coach Shulk opened a door I hadn’t noticed near the control panel side and Derrek threw me a wink before walking inside. He walked into the centre of the box and I watched, waiting to see what was going to happen. Coach Shulk pressed a few buttons, turned a few dials and finally pulled down on a red lever.

The box brightened. It seemed as though there was sun growing inside the glass box and was so close to exploding that I couldn’t even look at it without my eyes tearing up. Everyone shielded their eyes and looked away then suddenly... the light disappeared.

I cracked open my eyes and peered over at Derrek, expecting to see him still standing there only to see that he was standing in the middle of a blizzard. While the gym arena was still the same dome with benches all around, the box seemed to be its own little world.

Derrek was crouched down on his knees in the snow and even from where I sat I could see his entire body wrack with shivers. Without realising, I stood to my feet and watched Derrek try to stand up before collapsing again and wrapped his arms around himself to shield some of the snow that was blowing harshly against him.

I could hear the snow and the wind as clear as day, just as though I was standing right there with him, but it was as though it wasn’t real. I couldn’t feel the water molecules or sense the coldness of the snow and yet, right before my eyes, I could see Derrek’s lips turning blue as the cold bit into him.

“Do something!” I shouted at the coach, “He’s going to die!”

“It’s just a test Valerie, he’s still conscious so until he passes out the test continues” Coach Shulk denied me.

My eyes widened and I felt useless as I just watched him suffer from the cold. Derrek face was a slight tinge of purple and his frighteningly dark blue lips opened wide as he shouted out. His shout was like a battle cry and while he was still in his crouched position I saw his hands burst out with flames.

The flames flickered before it steadily crept slowly, very slowly, up his wrist then his arms. I could see the effort it took for him to concentrate on changing into a Fire-being and I knew it couldn’t be easy. The fire continued to swallow his body but only certain parts were able to change to molten rock beneath the fiery flames. The snow began to quickly melt under his body and the snow from the winds could no longer touch the air around him.

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